Things To Do In Madrid

Things To Do In Madrid

Every year over six million tourists from around the world flock to Madrid. Whether for the fine dining, stunning artwork or fascinating history; there’s something for everyone. The temperature often soars as high as 40 degrees in summer, making the city an idyllic getaway from chilly weather. However if you’re looking to explore there’s no lack of things to do in Madrid.

Visiting the Royal Palace

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The Royal Palace may not be the official residence of the Royal family, but it’s hard to resist the chance to explore some of the 3148 rooms and the appeal of its jaw-dropping architecture. The palace was besieged during the War of the Castilian Succession and badly damaged, but these days it’s impossible to tell. With various monarchs not only repairing, but extending, the building which now has an amazing 1,450,000 square feet of floor space. If that doesn’t catch your interest then you can always take a walk through the charming gardens or go for a dip in one of the fountains under the beaming sun.


Having lunch at the Plaza Mayor Square

Plaza Mayor de Madrid

A gorgeous 17th century statue sits at the centre of the Plaza Mayor- a grand arcaded square designed by architect Juan de Villianueva. The attraction is visited by thousands each year, and these numbers leap up during celebrations for San Isidro, when there are parades and dancing. The Plaza is surrounded by charming three-story buildings and under those are bustling shops and cafes. After a long day of exploring the city centre the Plaza Mayor is the perfect place to stop for a calamari sandwich and an ice-cold beer.


Going shopping in Gran Via

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The Gran Via has had many names throughout history. When it’s construction failed to begin decades after the plans had been made the media cynically called it the “Great Way” and since then the street has been named “C.N.T Avenue”, “Soviet Union Avenue” and after no less than four political leaders before it came back full circle to what critics had first called the project.

The Gran Via is a staple of Spanish history and a showcase of early 20th century architecture. By day it’s the perfect place to treat yourself, buy souvenirs or go window shopping. And by night it’s known as the street that never sleeps or Spanish Broadway and is one of the streets with the most nightlife in Europe.


Going to a Rooftop Bar

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Madrid’s rooftop bars are some of the best in the world. There’s a wide variety, brilliant views and constant sunshine. The roof of the Plaza Santa Ana is home to one of the most glamorous bars in the city. It has a spectacular view overlooking the Royal Theatre and even a stylish VIP section. Another option is Mercardo San Anton, a relaxed terrace above a gourmet indoor market. However for only 3 euros you can visit the Tartan Roof. A bar above the Circulo de Bellas Artes, overlooking the iconic Gran Via.


Visiting El Retiro Park

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is an attraction for both tourists and locals alike. The Banda Sinfonica de Madrid give free concerts there every Sunday, there’s outdoor exercise equipment for the young and the old. And around the lake there are puppet shows, fortune tellers and even horse drawn carriages. Not to mention the opportunity to rent rowboats or even book a ride on a solar powered one. Annual events include a book fair every Summer and spectacular Bonfire night displays.

The views at El Retiro are extraordinary. Among the rosebushes is the Fountain of the Fallen Angel and the remains of the Buen Retiro Palace. Beside the gleaming pond is the Palacio de Cristal, a beautiful glass pavilion inspired by London’s Crystal Palace.


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The Royal Palace
Lunch at the Plaza Manor Square
Shopping in Gran Via
Going on rooftop bars
Chilling in El Retiro Park

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