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Which city to visit in Spain? Spain is a destination full of treasures! Discover our TOP of the most beautiful cities in Spain to visit absolutely.

1. Barcelona: the most beautiful city in Spain?

When we think of Spain, we naturally think of Barcelona. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and one of the most visited cities in Europe. Known for its architecture and its cultural offer, Barcelona is clearly the city to visit absolutely in Spain.

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2. Seville: the capital of Andalusia

If you have already visited Barcelona and are looking for which other city to visit in Spain, Seville is the perfect candidate for your next trip! Seville is a magnificent city that will not leave you indifferent. Smaller than Barcelona, Seville is a more human-sized city that is pleasant to live in and visit. The most famous monument is the Alcazar of Seville (it’s Dorne from the Game Of Thrones series!), but also the Plaza de España.

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3. Granada: a charming Andalusian city

Not far from Seville is the city of Granada. Granada also makes the region of Spain that you certainly know: Andalusia. You can include a visit to Granada in a trip to Andalusia over 5, 6 or 7 days. It is a very pretty region of Spain to discover absolutely.

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4. Madrid: the capital of Spain

Which city to visit in Spain? Madrid, of course! Madrid is located inland. It is a city in which one can easily suffocate during the summer months. Therefore, it is advisable to visit Madrid rather in spring or autumn.

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5. Malaga: a pretty coastal city to visit in Spain

Malaga is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. It is an interesting city to discover during a weekend, or more, if you are going to spend a holiday in the sun in one of the seaside resorts in the area.

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6. Valencia

Among the most beautiful cities to visit in Spain, there is also Valencia. It is a pretty destination to discover during a weekend of 2 or 3 days. In addition, one of the districts of Valence is located directly on the sea.

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Among the most beautiful cities to visit in Spain, we find of course Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Madrid, Malaga or Valencia. The Andalusia region is a very pretty region that you can visit in Spain during a 7-day road trip. It is an opportunity to visit several cities such as Seville, Granada or the city of Cordoba.

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