15 best things to do in Marrakech | Itinerary 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 days

Here you will find the must-sees and best things to do in Marrakech Morocco. In addition, we added also the unusual things to do in Marrakech with family, when it rains, photo spots, Instagrammable places and secret places to visit in Marrakech. All you need to know for visiting Marrakech in 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 7 days and enjoy your stay! There is of course the Palmeraie to visit, but also the Ouzoud Waterfall or the Agafay desert.

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amazing things to visit in morrocco architecture

1. TOP 10 things to do in Marrakech in Morocco

  1. Medina
  2. The Bahia Palace
  3. The Majorelle Garden
  4. Jemaa El Fna Square
  5. Koutoubia Mosque
  6. The bazaars
  7. Palm grove
  8. The Saadian tomb
  9. Medersa Ben Youssef
  10. Other amazing places
  11. Things to avoid in Marrakech
  12. Hidden, secret and unusual places in Marrakech

1.1 Visiting the Medina of Marrakech

The Medina is the old quarter, the historic center of Marrakech. The Medina is made up of dozens of small streets in every direction, a real labyrinth. It’s very nice to visit the Medina on foot when you come to Marrakech, it’s very typical. The medina of Marrakech is over 1000 years old. It is not always visible from the outside, but there are many riads in the Medina, some of the most beautiful (La Maison Arabe for example). Find out more about te best neighborhoods in Marrakech in this post: Where to stay in Marrakech.

There are many souks in the Medina, we talk about them a little later in the article. Visiting the Medina of Marrakech on foot is a free thing to do in Marrakech, but it is easy to get lost. Taking a guided tour is the best option to discover this part of Marrakech (see prices and availability for a guided street food tour in Marrakech).

1.2 Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is a magnificent palace to visit in Marrakech. It is quite recent because the construction ended in 1900. It is an Islamic style palace.

Good to know! The Moroccan currency is the dirham. Visa and Master Card cards work in Morocco.

1.3 The Majorelle Garden

The Majorelle Garden is a splendid botanical garden to visit located north of the Medina of Marrakech. Originally, it was a French painter, Jacques Majorelle, who settled here and created this garden. In the 1980s, Yves Saint Laurent bought the garden to renovate it. Upon his death in 2008, the ashes were scattered in the Majorelle Garden.

It takes at least 1 hour to visit the Majorelle Garden. But as it is a very pleasant place, you may sit on a bench contemplating the garden.

For fans of the YSL couturier, there is also a specially dedicated museum: the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech. There is also a thematic guided tour on the couturier which passes through the Majorelle Garden and the Museum: photos and information about this thematic guided tour.

gardens majorelle Marrakech

1.4 Jemaâ El Fna Square: to see in the early evening

Jemaa El Fna Square is a cultural place listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a cultural place, because for a very long time, it has been a place of entertainment and entertainment. By visiting the Jemaa El Fna Square in the evening, you are sure to see dozens of artists: musicians, snake charmers, little monkeys, painters. It is a very original thing to do in Marrakech. The place is teeming with activity, it is magnificent. You can also eat easily on the square, on a terrace, but it is rather something to avoid because there can be unpleasant surprises.

1.5 The Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia Mosque and its minaret are a symbol of Marrakech to visit. It is a very old mosque, dating from 1196.

It is not possible to visit the interior of the mosque, because it is an active place of worship, reserved for practitioners. Moreover, it also happens that practitioners settle outside the mosque for prayer.

Learn more about the Koutoubia Mosque on Wikipedia Page.


1.6 The souks of Marrakech

It is imperative to visit the souks in Marrakech, it is an activity so associated with the city, it is essential. On the other hand, you have to know how to negotiate well to make good deals, but hey, it’s a bit of a game of overpaying when you come to visit Marrakech.

The souks of Marrakech are themed. Each souk has its specialty, there is no better souk than the other in Marrakech, it depends on what you are looking for.

  • Semarrine: spices of all kinds: cumin, saffron, pepper, turmeric, etc.
  • Cheratin: leather products, i.e. belts, bags, slippers
  • Sebbaghine: the souk of the dyers
  • Seffarine: the brass souk
  • Zrabi: the carpet souks
  • Chouari: it is the souk of basket makers and all those who handle wood

More information on the souks here.

1.7 The Palmeraie of Marrakech

La Palmeraie is an area a little out of the way, north of Marrakech about 5km. A Palmeraie is an area where palm trees are grown! Historically, it is a particularly important place which dates from the origin of Marrakech, at the same time as the Medina. The Palmeraie was planted almost 1000 years ago, and irrigated by qanats. She gave Marrakech dates, oil, wine, or even wood.

Since then, the Palmeraie has lost its splendour. Reforestation efforts are underway. Several hotel clubs have settled in the area.

It is still possible to visit the Palmeraie of Marrakech on the back of a camel. It may be very touristy, but it is a souvenir of his stay (click here to discover more about the activity: prices and availability).

La Palmeraie is also a very nice place to find an all-inclusive club hotel to rest and recharge your batteries. For example, the Tikida Garden hotel is both All Inclusive and Adults only.


1.8 The Saadian Tombs

The Saadian dynasty reigned over Marrakech for 135 years, in the 16th and 17th centuries. There are several vestiges of this time to visit in Marrakech, and the Saadian tombs are the most interesting.

It is a very well preserved and very richly decorated place. We strongly recommend the visit.

In this part of the city, the riad Sultana is an exceptional place to sleep.

tombs marrakech to visit

1.9 Medersa Ben Youssef

The Medersa Ben Youssef is a very beautiful Koranic school to visit in Marrakech. It is also a building that dates from the time of the Saadians. Unlike the mosque, you can freely visit the medersa.

Medersa Ben Youssef Marrakech morocco

1.10 Other amazing places to visit in Marrakech

The Menara is a garden of olive trees with a large pond. It is located one outside the city, after the Hivernage district. It is a pleasant and relaxing place.

The Museum of Marrakesh. Museum dedicated to the history of the city.

Bab Ksiba, Bab Agnaou, Bab Er-Robb. These are the doors that allow you to enter the Kasbah.

El Badii Palace. This is the palace in which the Marrakech Laughter Festival takes place. It is also a good photo spot in Marrakech. There are mostly ruins to see here.

1.11 Things to avoid in Marrakech

Street and souk guides. There are often people who are very insistent on guiding you through the streets of the medina and the various souks. They can ask for a lot of money or take you to dangerous places. In general, always prefer recognized guides, where you have been able to consult opinions than strangers in the street.

Eat in the Jemaa El-Fna square. It is the most touristic place, and therefore there are many small restaurants which are really not of good quality. So avoid going randomly, and check the reviews before going there.

1.12 Hidden, secret or unusual places in Marrakech

The Secret Garden. In the heart of the medina, it is a garden that allows you to take a break when leaving the souks. It is calm and cool, an oasis in the city. It is one of the very instagrammable places in Marrakech, a very good photo spot.

Fly over the city in a hot air balloon. The landscapes of Marrakech are very exotic! And in a hot air balloon, the view is exceptional. It is a rather unusual activity to do in Marrakech. Find out more here: prices and booking for flying over the city in a hot air balloon.

Listen to stories. On Monday evenings and Thursday evenings, storytellers come to recite local legends at Café Clock (more on the cafe’s website).

Turkish bath. The Hamman is a typical activity in Morocco but we tend to forget it when we come to visit Marrakech.

2. TOP 5 best places to visit around Marrakech

There are several activities to do around Marrakech, here are our 5 places to visit around the city.

  • Ouzoud waterfalls
  • Ourika Valley
  • Agafay desert
  • Merzouga desert
  • Essaouira

Visiting the Ourika Valley or the Ouzoud Waterfalls? If you only want to do one of the two, the choice can be difficult. The Cascades d’Ouzoud are very pretty, but it is not really a visit: we go there, we spend a few hours and we return. Conversely, in the Ourika Valley we are always accompanied and we discover several places as well as plantations. These are two very different activities.

3 4 5 days in marrakech

2.1 Ouzoud Waterfalls

The Cascades d’Ouzoud are magnificent waterfalls in the vicinity of Marrakech which are in the Atlas Mountains, but still 2h30 by road and 160km away. There are many day trips that allow you to go there when you stay in Marrakech. Remember to book your excursion well in advance here to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Berber villages. On the way, you will see several Berber villages around Marrakech. It is not really a visit, but a curiosity of the course.

Free time. Most excursions only charge for the round trip and access to the site. They generally leave free time on site, about 4 hours. You must therefore come equipped according to what you want to do: swimming, walking, picnicking.

Best things to do. There are several possible activities to do in the Ouzoud waterfalls:

  • Swimming: You can swim in the stretch of water, at the foot of the Ouzoud waterfalls.
  • Boat: We can also take a small boat that really takes us to the foot of the waterfalls.
  • Walk: You can take some trails around the Ouzoud Falls to take a short hike and visit the area.
  • Monkeys: There are a lot of monkeys living here, you will come across them for sure, especially if you take a walk. It’s always very surprising.
  • Picnic: You can have a picnic here, but you have to come equipped
    Restaurant: There are also several restaurants here

2.2 Ourika Valley

The Ourika is a small river that flows through a valley in the High Atlas, near Marrakech. It is located about 40km away and it takes about 1 hour to get there from Marrakech.

The excursions that take into the Ourika Valley are truly all-day tours. We will visit the Ourika Valley, visit Berber villages, and we can even eat in a traditional Berber house. It is really a rich day of visit in the Atlas. Click here to book this excursion.

In the valley, there are several restaurants where you eat with your feet in the water of the river to refresh yourself. It’s very original!

Other valleys of the Atlas. There are excursions to other valleys of the Atlas. For example, this excursion in the Asni Valley also includes a camel ride and the visit of Berber houses.

2.3 The Agafay Desert

The Agafay Desert is very close to Marrakech. It takes 40 minutes to get there, about 30km. This is a reg, not an erg. A reg is a rock desert. An erg is a desert of sand.

There are plenty of particularly original or unusual activities to do in the desert.

Quad. You can rent a quad and ride in the desert (prices and booking here). There are also buggies.

Camel. Inevitably, a camel ride is memorable. You won’t have many chances, so you might as well take it. Find out more here: photos, prices and booking.

visit agafay desert

2.4 The Merzouga Desert

We are quite far from Marrakech, but it seemed quite interesting to talk about it anyway. We are on the other side of the Atlas, it is a 9 hour drive. The Merzouga desert is an erg, a sand desert, that of the Sahara.

Excursions lasting several days allow you to cross the Atlas and reach the desert of Merzouga. It is even more of an adventure through the Atlas. If you have time and want to discover this part of Morocco, click here to see the adventure through the Atlas.

visiting Merzouga marrakech

2.5 Essaouria

Essaouira is a port city overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It takes 3 hours to get there. This is an opportunity to discover another city in Morocco, less touristy and to see the ocean. The excursions are mostly guided all the way, with a midday meal which is often fresh fish. Click here to see a tour with round trip.

3. Preparing your stay in Marrakech

  1. How many days to visit Marrakech
  2. Weekend in Marrakech, what to visit in 2 days
  3. What to do in Marrakech in 3 days
  4. 4 days in Marrakesh
  5. Visit Marrakech in 5 days
  6. A week to visit Marrakech

How many days to visit Marrakech?

It takes 3 or 4 days to visit Marrakech quietly, and have time to discover a site around Marrakech. This is the right length of time to discover local life for the first time. You may come back several times if you enjoyed your stay, and you may want to stay longer.

You can also come just for a weekend in Marrakech if you plan to stay only in the city.

Weekend in Marrakech: places to visit in 2 days

2 days in Marrakech is quite short but you will still have time to discover life here. Here are the essential activities to do in Marrakech and the places to visit in 2 days:

Best things to do in Marrakech on Day 1:

  • Visiting the Medina on foot
  • Visiting the souks and make some original purchases
  • Taking a break in the Secret Garden
  • Discovering the Koutoubia Mosque
  • Seeing the Medersa Ben Youssef
  • Spending the evening on the Jemaa El Fna square
  • You can also take a guided tour of the city center (see prices here).

Best things to do in Marrakech on Day 2:

  • Visiting the Majorelle Garden and maybe also the Yves Saint Laurent museum if you are interested
  • The Bahia Palace
  • El Badii Palace
  • The Saadian Tombs
  • Passing through the doors of the Kasbah (Bab Ksiba, Bab Agnou or other)

3 days in Marrakech: what to do and see?

We will continue the weekend itinerary in Marrakech and add a 3rd day.

For the 3rd day in Marrakech, we will move away a little bit to see the Palmeraie! It really is a great opportunity for a camel ride! (book the activity here)

It is also a good time for this day n°3 to take the time to have a Hammam! It is an ideally relaxing activity after the Palmeraie.

Quad tours best things to do in Marrakech

What to do in Marrakech in 4 days

We will continue the itinerary of the previous days in Marrakech and add a 4th day.

For this 4th day, it will be very pleasant to get out of the city and discover other places in the surroundings, around Marrakech. It is possible that we want to get some fresh air because of the incessant tumult of the city.

You can leave the city and visit either the Ouzoud waterfalls, the Ourika valley or the Agafay desert. It is really according to your preferences, according to the place that attracts you the most because the 3 are really very interesting for this day 4.

5 days in Marrakech: places to visit

We will continue the itinerary of the previous days and add a 5th day.

For the 5th day in Marrakech, it’s time to visit another city in Morocco: Essaouira! It is located on the Atlantic side, and it is very different (see photos and check the prices here).

A week in Marrakech

We resume our 5-day itinerary in Marrakech and we will add other activities outside the city. This is an opportunity to see another site in the vicinity of Marrakech, one that you have not already seen on day 4. That is to say the Ouzoud Waterfalls, the Ourika Valley or the Agafay Desert.

What to do in Marrakech with family?

As a family, visiting Marrakech takes a different turn. It is also necessary to plan activities to do to please the children or the youngest.

Marrakech with a baby or toddler. With a child, visiting the medina and the souks is more risky and difficult because there are a lot of crowds and noise. However, it remains an essential place in Marrakech. It is therefore very useful to take a guide to guide us through these alleys so as not to get annoyed when we are lost.

Visit Marrakech with children. With children, there are very simple activities to amaze them. For example, the camel ride in the Palmeraie of Marrakech is an almost guaranteed success. The same with the Ouzoud Waterfalls where you come across monkeys. There are other places to see animals in the vicinity of Marrakech, for example La Perle des Oiseaux. It is a zoological refuge with a hundred species. Count 1h30 to visit.

Activities for young people and teenagers in Marrakech. Visiting Marrakech with teenagers can get complicated. One activity that they usually enjoy is the water park. There are several slides and it is great fun, also with children. Oasira Park seems the best water park around Marrakech (click here to book tickets).

What to do in Marrakech when it rains?

It does not often rain in Marrakech. However, 3 to 4 days a month, it still rains. Here are some ideas of activities to do in Marrakech when it rains.

Museums. There are several interesting museums in Marrakech, for example:

  • Marrakech Museum, on the history of the constitution of the city
  • Yves Saint Laurent Museum, about the couturier
  • The House of Photography

Hammam, Spa and Massage. Even if it is not raining, a hamman is always a good idea to do in Marrakech. We can cite for example “the Alhambra Baths”, “the Marajah Spa” or even “the Orient Baths”.

What to do in the evening in Marrakech

The activity to do absolutely in the evening in Marrakech is to go to the Jemaa El Fna square. It is one of a kind and a must in Marrakech.

Shisha bar. Chicha is one of the souvenirs brought back when you go to Morocco. The shisha bar is a traditional activity for an evening in Marrakech.

Casino. There is a Casino in Marrakech, it is always an entertaining activity to do in the evening when traveling to Marrakech.

Folk show. Every evening there is a Berber folklore show with acrobatics on horseback. It is located away from the city but they come to pick you up. Places must be reserved in advance here.

What to visit for free in Marrakech: the free places in Marrakech and around

Among the free places in Marrakech there is of course the walking tour of the Medina. You can also stroll through the souks without spending anything. The Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech can be admired from the outside, so for free.

Around Marrakech, you can also book a rental car to visit the Casades d’Ouzoud, the Ourika Valley or the Agafay desert on your own.

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