Best things to do in Milos Island, Greece | Guide 2022

How to visit Milos in 2, 3 or 4 days? Among the Cyclades, Milos is an island less touristy than the island of Mykonos or Santorini. And that’s a huge advantage. Here you will find much less tourists, but the amazing landscapes and crystal clear water will still be there. Milos is perhaps even the most beautiful island of the Cyclades for its landscapes. Let’s find out in this blog post what are the best things to do in Milos Island, nice places to see ad discover. Let’s go!

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1. TOP 7 best things to do and visit in Milos Island

Milos is a calmer island than its more famous neighboring islands, which also contributes a lot to its charm. You will be able to visit Milos in a more relaxed environment. You feel it, moreover, as soon as you arrive on the island. But then, what to do in Milos? What to visit and see absolutely on the spot? Here is our TOP 7 must-do things to do in Milos!

1.1 Discovering the incredible landscape of Sarakiniko

If you are going to visit Milos, Sarakiniko is the absolute must see! Sarakiniko is often referred to as a lunar landscape. Indeed, the white rocks of Sarakiniko are quite surprising, and very different from other landscapes that can be seen in the Cyclades.

Little advice. In order to better understand all these volcanic landscapes of Milos and know the life of the miners, you can visit the Mining Museum in Adamas. On the other hand, if you want to understand the geology of the island, the best is to take a morning guided tour of 3 hours (prices and availability for the guided tour), which allows you to go around the amazing places of Milos.

Sarakiniko milos

1.2 Admiring a magnificent sunset: best romantic thing to do in Milos

The village of Plaka is inland on the island of Milos, not by the water. However, it is a village that is worth visiting for its alleys, its white houses and its charm. It is also a good place for dinner (see the addresses further down in this blog post). It is from the heights of Plaka that you can admire a very beautiful sunset on the island of Milos! Where to go more precisely?

Near the Church of Rosario de Plaka: arrive a little before sunset to get the best spot. There is also a restaurant with a terrace and open view not far away, EN PLO.

Summit of Kastro, towards the ancient Venetian castle of Milos: climb to the peak of Kastro, which is even higher than the village of Plaka. Here stood before the ancient Venetian castle of Milos.

where to stay in milos island greece best places

1.3 Discovering the history of the island of Milos

The island of Milos has a rich history. Also in Plaka, you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Milos. It is an interesting visit for those who love history and especially ancient history. The museum is quite small, about thirty minutes can be enough.

Cultural and archaeological visit. In order to better know the history of the island of Milos, you can also take a guided tour (see prices and availability for your trip), which includes the main places to visit on the island. It’s a great way to visit Milos, especially if you’re short on time and want to learn more about the culture and history of the island.

Fun facts. Do you know the Venus de Milo (check on Wiki)? Yes, one of the most famous statues of the Louvre Museum? It was in 1820 that this statue was discovered on the island of Milos, hence its name. The island of Milos wants to take back the statue, but that is not really what is planned at the moment.

1.4 Admiring the cliffs of Kleftiko: best thing to do in Milos?

Of course, discovering the Kleftiko cliffs! Its cliffs, but also others can be visited from the water. The ideal is therefore to take a boat and cruise around Milos. Several companies offer boat trips around Milos. Prices start from 60 euros per person. It all depends on the tour, and what is included. Departures are from the Port of Milos, Adamas.

Snorkeling, swimming, Kleftiko. Before arriving on the island or once there, you can book a cruise on a yacht around the island. It is a perfect opportunity to bathe in the magical waters of Milos and to discover very beautiful landscapes. Find more information here: day cruise with lunch included. A day just to relax, enjoy your vacation, live unforgettable moments and mark your trip to Milos.

For the most sporty and coordinated. In order to discover the more hidden places of Milos, you can take a kayak trip. By kayak and with a local guide, you can access the less touristy places on the island. A great activity to do with the family… or as a couple to test your coordination! This tour lasts 3 hours, find photos and reviews here: Milos Kayak Tour. Don’t forget sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

1.5 Visiting the most beautiful fishing village of Milos: Klima

Among the best things to do in Milos Island, there are also its pretty fishing villages. Several villages are interesting to visit in Milos. For example, Firopotamos, Pollonia (which is now more of a seaside resort), or Mandrakia. But the most beautiful, the one that stands out the most, is Klima. Therefore, if you are going to visit Milos, and you only have to see one fishing village, choose Klima.

Full experience. You can stay in an old fisherman’s house in Klima. Here is an example: Traditional sirma in klima. You will be able to have breakfast directly facing the sea: it couldn’t be closer!

getting around milos island

1.6 Enjoying the best beaches in Milos Island

Our TOP best things to do in Milos Island couldn’t not include the beaches. However, unfortunately you cannot visit all the beaches of Milos in 2, 3 or 4 days, as there are more than 70! So, here are the most interesting beaches to visit in Milos Island in Greece.

Firiplaka: beach long enough for Milos with white sand, and above all equipped (restaurants, cafes for having a juice or lunch).

Provatas: beach lined with rocks with golden sand and shallow water. If you are going to visit Milos, this is one of the best places for a walk along the beach. Near the beach, there are restaurants and cafes.

Sarakiniko: as we have seen above, it is in Sarakiniko that you can see one of the most incredible landscapes of Milos. But you can also swim there, but it is not at all an equipped beach.

Paliochori: very pretty beach bordered by cliffs, where the water is warmer than elsewhere and the sand redder… on the other hand, the smell of sulphur, which is not necessarily very pleasant.

Plathiena: a very pretty beach, one of the most beautiful in Milos. Shallow waters. You can rent deckchairs on site, and there is a bar.

Tsigrado: a small beach located in a cove whose access is clearly not easy and is not made for everyone (steep descent, ladder, rope to hold on to descend…). It is therefore necessary to be very careful on the descent: no one around.

visiting milos boat tour

1.7 Visiting the Ancient Sulfur Factory of Milos: Off the Beaten Track Tour

Among the unusual places to visit in Milos is the old sulfur factory. How to discover it? It is very close to the beach of Thiorichio that the ruins of the old sulfur factory of Milos are located. Why visit this place in Milos? Already, the beach is Thiorichio is very pretty, and will leave you with very beautiful memories. But in addition, if you like the atmosphere of ghost towns, you will love it!

Catacombs of Milos. You can also visit the Catacombs of Milos, but there are very few rooms to discover. It is not a visit that we absolutely recommend to do in Milos, just as an option perhaps.

2. How many days needed to visit Milos?

The ideal duration to visit Milos is 3 days, or 4 days for a more relaxed trip. Two days may seem too short. In 3 days and 2 nights, you will have time to see the essentials of Milos, to enjoy its beaches and its atmosphere. Milos can, of course, be part of a longer itinerary in the Cyclades, including for example Santorini (2-3 hours by ferry), Mykonos (2-3 hours by ferry), or even other Greek islands.

3. Best places where to stay for visiting Milos

Accommodation prices in Milos are lower than in Mykonos or Santorini, but there is also much less choice. Moreover, here, there are many more apartments than hotels. The hotel offer is underdeveloped. If you are going to visit Milos in 2, 3 or 4 days, here are some apartments and hotels where to stay in Milos during this beautiful trip.

Hotels. Among the good hotels to stay in Milos, there is Alexandros Village (1.6km from the port of Milos, which is convenient for visits) and Artemis Deluxe Rooms (outdoor swimming pool, and private beach, 10km from Adamas).

Apartments. Here is a very good place to stay in Milos with family, lovers, or friends: Vivere A Plakes. Close to Plaka, these apartments are well equipped. And if there are many of you, you can also rent an entire maisonette for even more comfort. You can also stay in the Pollania seaside resort: Pollonia Studios.

Vacation houses. Very well located, not far from the Port of Milos, Casa Aiora is a very pretty house with two bedrooms and two living rooms. Perfect for a trip to Milos with family or friends!

The most affordable. Inland, but high up, 3km from the port of Milos (Adamas), find beautiful apartments for 2, 3 or 4 people at this address: Sea Sun Sand.

Almost alone in the world. With a higher budget, you can sleep in this house with two apartments, and therefore almost alone in the world: Terra Mare Suites. The house is located by the sea, in a quiet corner of the island of Milos.

If you are still hesitating, find more information in our dedicated blog post: Best places where to stay in Milos.

4. Getting around Milos

As in other Cycladic islands, the most used means of getting around Milos are by car, scooter or quad. On the other hand, you should know that some roads, or rather paths, can be very narrow. If you are not comfortable driving on these types of roads, in order to get around Milos, it would be better to take a quad, which will then also be more maneuverable than a car. In any case, small cars are the most practical for getting around Milos. There are also some climbs that some scooters might struggle with.

Little advice. Throughout the discovery of the island of Milos, remember to take water on you, lots of water. Many places, especially beaches, do not have shops nearby. By the way, you can also just toss sandwiches with you for the day’s sightseeing.

How to get from the port of Milos to the accommodation? You can either rent a car directly upon arrival, or take a taxi that will take you to your accommodation.

5. Nice places where to eat in Milos

During a trip to Milos, do not miss the good places to eat in Milos to taste Greek cuisine and enjoy the island and its atmosphere. Click on the location to open it in Google Maps.

Barriello (between Plaka and Adamas): a great restaurant to eat in Milos! The dishes are delicious, the setting is pretty with sea and mountain views. It’s better to book in advance.

Nostos Seafood Experience (Adamas): Near the port, this seaside restaurant is a good place to eat seafood dishes in Milos.

O! Hamos! Tavern: a family tavern that offers traditional cuisine in a warm and welcoming setting. The tables are on a shaded tarasse. This tavern is located 2km from the center of Adamas, in a quiet location, close to a beach.

EN PLO (Plaka): a pretty terrace where you can have a drink in Milos, and enjoy a nice view of the island from the terrace.

Ergína (between Plaka and Adamas): a very good Greek cuisine restaurant with a covered terrace. The restaurant is located high up, so you can admire a pretty sea view from its terrace!

6. Itineraries for visiting Milos Island in 2, 3, 4 days

Now that we have seen the TOP of the must-sees of Milos, but also some good addresses on the island, here are some ideas for itineraries to do on site.

Best things to do in Milos Island in 2 days

Where to sleep one night in Milos? For a discovery of Milos in 2 days, it is best to take accommodation not far from the port of Milos, Adamas, in order to save time. If you arrive in Milos by ferry, you will drop off your suitcases in 10 minutes at your accommodation and will be ready to visit Milos. For a romantic trip: Capetan Giorgantas. And for a family trip: the Casa Aiora holiday home.

What to do in Milos in 2 days?

  • Discovering the incredible landscape of Sarakiniko
  • Visiting the village of Plaka
  • Admiring a beautiful sunset from the heights of Plaka
  • Visiting the village of Klima

Best things to do for visiting Milos Island in 3 days

Where to sleep two nights in Milos? For a trip to Milos of 3 days or 2 nights, the best is to stay in Plaka. For example, book a room in the Alexandros Village hotel with breakfast included, or rent an apartment 5 minutes walk from Plaka: Vivere A Plakes. The Pollonia resort is also a good candidate: Pollonia Studios.

What to visit in Milos in 3 days?

Best things to do for visiting Milos Island in 4 days

Where to sleep three nights in Milos? If you are going to visit Milos in 4 days, you can deviate a bit from the port of Milos and choose accommodation in a quieter corner of the island. The Artemis Deluxe Rooms are a good solution: here you can enjoy a very beautiful setting and easily visit the surrounding beaches.

What to visit in Milos in 4 days? (in addition to the visits mentioned above)

  • Kayaking in the hidden places of Milos (check prices and availability)
  • Going to one or more of the island’s beaches (see the list of beaches earlier in this blog post)

7. How to get to Milos Island?

Go to Milos by ferry from Athens. The arrival is in the port of Milos: Adamas. The ferry connects Milos with other Cyclades (see more information in the next section of this blog post), but also with the Greek capital, Athens (Port of Piraeus). To visit Milos Island from Athens, count between 3 and 6 hours by ferry. The route varies enormously from the boat and the company. In high tourist season, especially in summer, it is recommended to book ferry seats in advance, to ensure that the trip to Milos goes as planned.

By plane. On the island of Milos there is a small airport. Therefore, one can visit Milos from Athens by plane. The closer you get to the departure dates, the higher the rates.

8. What other Cycladic islands to visit in Greece?

Milos is part of the Cyclades, the most famous Greek islands. If you want to visit Milos, you can also take the opportunity to visit other islands. Here are the ferry travel times between the different islands and Milos, to help you create your travel itinerary in the Cyclades:

  • Santorini: 2-3h ferry from Milos (check out our blog post on Santorini: Visiting Santorini)
  • Ios: no direct connection for a ferry trip from Milos to Ios
  • Mykonos: 3-6h ferry from Milos (find out more: Best things to do in Mykonos)
  • Paros: 1h30-2h ferry from Milos (a fairly central island in the Cyclades and therefore convenient to visit by ferry: Visiting Paros in 2, 3 or 4 days)
  • Naxos: 2h ferry from Milos

Not all ferries run daily. In winter, there are fewer connections. Check tickets in advance for the dates and times that interest you. Book in advance in high season.

Visiting Milos is one of the best things in the Cyclades. Less touristy than its neighboring islands such as Santorini or Mykonos, Milos is a very pretty destination and the most beautiful of the Cyclades for its landscapes. Do not hesitate to include Milos in your travel itinerary in the Cyclades: you will not regret it.

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