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When to go to Rome in Italy to enjoy this amazing city? To know what is the best time to visit Rome, we will first look at the weather in Rome and its climate, the touristy months, but also the prices and the religious calendar. Here we go!

  1. When to go to Rome: temperatures, weather, climate 🌦
  2. Months to avoid 🗓
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1. When to go to Rome: temperatures, weather, climate

In Rome, it is generally warmer than in France throughout the year. In addition, Rome is located inland and, even if the coast is not far, there is generally less wind. The heat is then more difficult to bear.

1.1 Weather in Rome

Weather report. Like everywhere, average temperatures are on the rise. Here is a summary of the average daily temperatures in Rome by month.


Rain in Rome. Another element to choose when going to Rome is the rainfall. The rainiest months are essentially October, November, December. On the other hand, in July or August there are almost no rainy days.

1.2 Climate

Heat to be avoided preferably. It can be very hot in July and August in Rome. Temperatures above 30 degrees are rarely pleasant if you are spending the whole day outside. Especially since Rome is a city where you spend time outdoors, just to visit the Roman Forum or the Colosseum in Rome, for example. July and August are therefore not necessarily the best months to go to Rome, even if it hardly rains during these two months.

1.3 Best time to visit Rome according to the weather

From the point of view of the weather, as Rome is located further south compared to France, the winter is milder. It is therefore pleasant to find a little more warmth during this time of year, especially since there are fewer tourists. But the best time to go to Rome depending on the weather is rather spring (April, May, June) and September.

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2. Good to know before going to Rome Italy

What are the more touristy months for visiting Rome?

  • The most touristic months in Rome are May, July and October.
  • The least touristic months in Rome are January, February, March, December. So, the quietest time to visit Rome is winter.

2.1 Catholic religious calendar

If we want to know when to go to Rome, we must also take into account the religious calendar. The Vatican attracts a lot of pilgrims during these times of the year.

Little advice. Before deciding when to go to Rome, check the Catholic religious calendar. It has a strong impact on the tourist affluence in Rome, but also on the impossibility of visiting the main places of the Vatican.

2.2 When to go to Rome according to the budget: best time to visit Rome

Accommodation. Accommodation prices in Rome follow the tourist influx fairly closely. The months with the highest prices in Rome are therefore generally the months with the highest demand, i.e. May, July and October. Accommodation prices are lowest in winter and August. I talk about the different areas of downtown Rome here: Best area to stay in Rome.

Plane tickets. Airline ticket prices do not follow exactly the same rule, but rather follow major holiday periods, weekends and exceptional events. For example, going to Rome in summer by plane will be more expensive than in winter and going there on weekdays cheaper than on weekends. Thus, the month of August is an expensive month for plane tickets to Rome. Besides, the airport transfer is rather simple, which is rather convenient.

Visits. Entrance fees to museums in Rome do not vary much depending on the season. On the other hand, the number of tourists can strongly influence the availability of guides. It is therefore better to book in advance.

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3. Best time to visit Rome and tips for visiting

To avoid (if possible). We have been to Rome at very different times, but always with a large number of tourists. We really regretted it once there. It is a city where visits to the essentials are essential, so to make the most of the places it is better to avoid the most touristic months (May, July, October). Same for important religious periods, if you want to visit the Vatican.

Best months to go to Rome? If we combine all the elements, the most interesting months in terms of budget, weather and tourist influx are April and September. The winter months aren’t so bad either. Yes, it can rain, but at least it’s warmer and accommodation prices are at their lowest, which saves a lot of money! In addition, in winter the days are longer compared to the cities that are further north. Watch out, however, for religious holidays to avoid the crowds. Of course, if it snows (which happens extremely rarely), it is not ideal, but it can also give charm and be surprising.

The TOP 15 best things to do in Rome. Find in our blog article all our advice to prepare and make a wonderful trip to Rome with family or lovers: How to visit Rome.

The winter is quietest time to visit Rome Italy, expecting maybe end of December. In summer, Rome is becoming a very touristy place, but in term of the weather, summer is the best period to visit Rome. Otherwise, September or April are the good alternatives to go to Rome.

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