Getting from the airport to Prague city center: 3 solutions

How to get from the airport to the city center of Prague? In order to reach Prague city center from Vaclav Havel airport, we have at least 3 options: public transport, Airport Express Bus, or Prague airport transfer or taxi. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out which ones: let’s go!

  1. Public transport 🚇
  2. Taxi or Prague airport transfer 🚖
  3. Airport Express Bus 🚌
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Getting to Prague city center from the airport by public transport

Taking public transport is the most economical solution to reach Prague city center from the airport (about 3 euros per person). First you have to take the bus, then the metro.

1/ Take the bus. Buses 110 and 119 will take you to the metro. From the airport you can take Bus 119 or Bus 110, depending on the location of your accommodation in Prague (read our blog post: the best areas to stay in Prague).

Bus 119. This bus will take you to the Nádraží Veleslavín metro station of the Prague metro line A (this is where you have to get off to take the metro). The bus runs every 3-10 minutes. The bus journey time is 30-45 minutes.

Bus 110. Bus 110 can drop you off at Zlíčín station on line B of the Prague metro. Then, you will have to take the metro to your accommodation.

2/ Take the metro. Once off the bus, you will take the metro to go to downtown Prague.

In total, plan at least 50 minutes, even 1 hour, to go from the airport to downtown Prague by public transport (bus + metro).

Where to buy tickets? You can buy the ticket by credit card (pay attention to the payment costs, because the local currency is the Czech crown), or in cash the exchange rates at the airport are not the most interesting) . You can take a ticket for 90 minutes of travel, and therefore only one ticket which will work for the bus, and for the metro.

Take a taxi or book an airport transfer to downtown Prague

Several solutions exist. There are shared shuttles, but also private Prague airport transfers.

Shared shuttle. The advantage is the fact of arriving directly at your accommodation. So you don’t need to look for itineraries, or immediately orient yourself well in the city as soon as you arrive. The cost is also very interesting: see the rates for a shared shuttle from Prague airport. Plan between 35 and 35 minutes to get from the airport to downtown Prague by private shuttle.

Private Prague airport transfer. This option is more expensive, if you are alone or two. However, it is the most comfortable and fastest solution. You don’t need to wait for other people, or group up with other travelers. Your driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall, and will take you directly to your accommodation! read more here: prices and dates for a private airport transfer from Prague airport to accommodation.

In order to make a price comparison, here is another company that offers the transfer service from the airport.

Reach Prague city center from the airport with the Airport Express Bus

The advantage of this option is the fact that the Airport Express Bus does not make stops between the airport and Prague city center, and more precisely Prague Central Station. Thus, you do not need to understand how public transport works in Prague. Clea therefore avoids worries. It is therefore a simple solution for a short stay in Prague.

The downside is that once at the Central Station, you now have to go to your accommodation in Prague. If you have suitcases or if your hotel is not close to the train station, this is not the most ideal solution.

Finally, compared to an airport transfer, it is a good option only for those who go near Prague Central Station.

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To get from the airport to downtown Prague, we have at least 3 options. The most economical is public transport: first the bus, then the metro. The disadvantage of this option is having to manage public transport and changes. Then there is also the Airport Express Bus solution. This option is suitable for those who will be staying near Prague Central Station. Finally, the most comfortable solution is the airport transfer to reach Prague city center as quickly as possible (see prices).

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