Sagrada Familia in Barcelona: tips for visiting & tickets

The Sagrada Familia is a Christian – Catholic – basilica in Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia is the monument to visit in Barcelona, ​​and one of the most visited monuments in Spain. Here you will find our advice for preparing for your visit, the duration to be expected, the towers, as well as other Gaudi buildings to visit, other than the Sagrada Familia.

The Sagrada Familia is famous for its unique architecture, the work of the Catalan architect Anton Gaudi. The basilica is still under construction today, and has been since 1882. Gaudi is the architect of several buildings in Barcelona, ​​which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will recognize them very easily: they are very clearly different! Gaudi’s touch is remarkable: his buildings are made of curves and asymmetry, unlike traditional very square buildings.

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tips for visiting sagrada familia varcelona

1. When to visit the Sagrada Familia?

The Sagrada Familia is open every day, all year round.

It closes in the afternoon only 4 days a year: New Year (January 1), Epiphany (January 6), Christmas (December 25) and Boxing Day (December 26).

Summer in Barcelona is a very hot period with many visitors. It’s a good time to visit the Sagrada Familia, but we still prefer to go in May, June or September. There are often fewer visitors, it is more pleasant.

Security. There is a security check to access the Sagrada Familia. Although the ticket has a specific time, you will have to wait a bit if there are a lot of people on the slot.

Good to know. If you have the choice, we advise you not to choose the fixed times (10 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m.), but rather to take a ticket with an entry at 12:15 p.m. or 2:45 p.m. There are a few fewer people, which makes the visit a little more leisurely.

Closing. There are entry slots that are quite close to closing, so the visit will have to be express. Avoid these hours if you want to take your time.

2. Tickets for the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

All tickets to visit the Sagrada Familia are dated and have a specific entry time, not to be missed!

Hourly. All tickets have an entry time. There are slots every 15 minutes.

Skip the line ticket. The skip-the-line ticket is almost essential to visit the Sagrada Familia. You can buy it on this website.

Guided tour. The Sagrada Familia is a place where we really appreciate the explanations of the guide. The basilica is packed with fascinating details, and the history of the construction is also interesting. Click here to see a small group guided tour.

Tip when everything is complete. If you can’t find a ticket at resellers, there is still hope: the Barcelona City Pass. It includes the visit to the Sagrada Familia and often remains available. It is therefore the right plan when there is no longer a ticket elsewhere to visit the Sagrada Familia: click here to buy the Barcelona City Pass.

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Can we visit the towers of the Sagrada Familia? Yes but no.

It is usually possible to visit the towers of the Sagrada Familia. However, COVID-19 rules require you to follow a letter itinerary, the Sagrada towers cannot be visited at this time.

Do you need to book to visit the Sagrada Familia? Yes.

It is almost imperative to book in advance to visit the Sagrada Familia. It is the most visited monument in Spain, along with the Alhambra in Granada. And as with the Alhambra, places are limited every day.

In advance. Tickets must be reserved in advance by purchasing online. This is the safest way to be certain of access to the visit of the Sagrada Familia.

At the last minute, on the spot. There are ticket offices that sell entrance tickets to the Sagrada Familia. There is very little space available, and there is a long wait. It is not surprising that the counters are closed before 11am because everything is sold out. To hope to have a place, you must arrive at least 20 minutes before the opening of the ticket offices. If it is high season, be prepared to wait several hours.

It is therefore necessary to book in advance to be sure to visit the Sagrada Familia.

3. How long to visit the Sagrada Familia? 2 hours

Count on a duration of about 2 hours for the Sagrada Familia visit, visiting alone. The interior is impressive, so we move quite slowly. The museum is also particularly fascinating. If you take a guided tour, the duration of the visit can be up to 3 hours.

what to see sagrada familia tickets

4. The works of the Sagrada Familia

Start. Work on the Sagrada Familia began in 1882 in Barcelona.

Why is the Sagrada Familia still under construction. The construction of the Sagrada Familia is financed by private funds. There has not always been enough money to do the work. At the very beginning, it was Gaudi’s patrons who financed the construction, including the famous Count Guëlls. The count died in 1919 and Gaudi in 1926. Only donations then financed the construction, and things were progressing very slowly. Since the 1990s, tourism has allowed more money to come in and work continues at a steady pace.

Estimated end. The Sagrada Familia should be completely finished in 2032. By 2026, the shell should be finished, followed by decoration work which should be completed in 2032.

5. Our opinion on the visit to the Sagrada Familia

Visiting the Sagrada Familia is essential in Barcelona in our opinion. It is a unique monument in the world not to be missed. And when you see a creation by Gaudi for the first time, it’s hard not to want to see his other creations! A tour of Gaudi’s achievements in Barcelona should, in our opinion, contain at least 4 monuments: Sagrada Familia, Parc Guëll, Casa Mila and Casa Batllo.

6. Other Gaudi monuments in Barcelona

Several works of Gaudi are to be visited in Barcelona because they are really beautiful and surprising. 7 are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Sagrada Familia. Here are the other 6 monuments:

Parc Guëll: It is a magnificent park located on the heights of Barcelona. It is a must in Barcelona, ​​and you can also enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city. It is possible to take a combined ticket for a Sagrada Familia + Parc Guëll guided tour, which includes transport between the 2 sites. Click here to see the combined ticket.

Guëll Palace: Count Guëll was Gaudi’s main patron. Logically, Gaudi made his home in downtown Barcelona.

Casa Mila (La Pedrera): One of Gaudi’s most impressive achievements. The exterior is splendid but the interior is full of surprises. We highly recommend the visit (skip the line ticket here).

Casa Vicens: One of Gaudi’s first creations.

Casa Batllo: A building in the Eixample district, whose facade is breathtaking. Not to be missed when visiting Barcelona. (skip the line here)
Crypt of Colonia Guëll: An unfinished project located in the suburbs of Barcelona. As it is not simple, and has remained unfinished, it is much less visited.

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7. Where to stay in Barcelona to enjoy the Sagrada Familia

The best view. The best view of the Sagrada Familia is certainly the one from the Sercotel Hotel Rosellon. Sitting quietly on the roof of the hotel, you can imagine yourself enjoying the evening while sipping a cold drink.

Modernist Design. The Casa Fuster hotel was built by an architect of the same era as Gaudi, in the same modernist design. Ideal to immerse yourself in this era!

Opposite the Guell Palace. Opposite the Guëll Palace is the Gaudi hotel. It’s perfect to remember every morning that we are in Barcelona!

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