15 best things to do in Frankfurt + tips for visiting

What to do in Frankfurt? How to visit Frankfurt in 2, 3 or 4 days? The trip to Frankfurt am Main will certainly surprise you. Known for being an important financial center, this city also has many other surprising facets. Discover in our TOP 15 the best activities to do in Frankfurt, as well as the must-sees to visit in Frankfurt.

tips for visiting frankfurst 2 3 4 days

1. Visit the historic heart of Frankfurt

Altstadt. The Altstadt district is the central district of Frankfurt. Destroyed during the Second World War, the historic center of Frankfurt has been completely rebuilt. It is one of the best areas to stay in Frankfurt for a trip.

Romerberg Square. It is the central square of Frankfurt. You can take this square as a point of reference for your travels in the city.

Good to know! If you are going to visit Frankfurt in 2, 3 or 4 days, the Frankfurt Card is a good plan. This card includes all public transport in the city, and offers discounts on entrance tickets to certain museums and places to visit. Find out more: to see the prices and reductions offered by the Frankfurt Card.

city historical center frankfurt

2. Take a boat trip on the Main

One of the coolest things to do on a trip to Frankfurt is the boat ride. Thanks to this walk, you will discover a completely different face of Frankfurt: a peaceful and charming city. It’s a great way to see Frankfurt. Find out more here: prices and timetables for visiting Frankfurt by boat.

boat trip to do in frankfurt

3. Visit the fun Sachsenhausen neighborhood in Frankfurt

Neighborhood to visit, and not only! Sachsenhausen is one of the best areas to stay in Frankfurt. It is located on the left bank of the Main, on the other side of the historic center of the city. This location is interesting for visiting Frankfurt on foot, but also for discovering the city in a different way. Find out more in our blog post: Best areas in Frankfurt.

Nice spot! If you are looking for where to eat or have a drink during a trip to Frankfurt, Apfelwein Dax is a very good address not to be missed (click here to place it on Google Maps).

4. See the magnificent Frankfurt Opera House

Impressive architecture! The Old Frankfurt Opera House is probably one of the most beautiful buildings to see in Frankfurt. If you are going to visit Frankfurt, seeing the Opera is one of the things to do, and therefore to include in your itinerary.

5. Admire a magnificent view from the Main Tower in Frankfurt

MainTower. It is one of the only buildings in Frankfurt open to the public. You can climb this tower to enjoy a nice view of the city. In addition, a restaurant is located on the top floors of the tower: Main Tower Restaurant & Lounge.

sachsenhausen area frankfurt

6. Discover German cuisine

Tasting German cuisine is one of the best things to do in Frankfurt! Here are some good places to eat in Frankfurt (click to place the place on Google Maps):

Ebbelwoi Unser: great atmosphere! Good German dishes. Don’t miss this address!

Gaststätte Atschel: typical restaurant that offers good German cuisine!

Zum Storche Am Dom: one of the oldest restaurants in Frankfurt.

In addition, the Brückenviertel district is a nice district to visit in Frankfurt where you will find many places to spend a good evening.

things to taste trip frankfurt

7. Walk along the quays of the Main

The quays of the Main are very well developed. It is very pleasant to walk there. There are places to sit, but also two or three places to eat or have a drink. In the evening, when the city lights up, you can appreciate its pretty reflections in the waters of the Main.

Pedestrian bridges. The Iron Bridge is one of the pedestrian bridges to discover in Frankfurt. Cross the bridge to see Frankfurt from a new perspective.

main river

8. Visit the Saint-Barthélémy Collegiate Church

St. Bartholomew’s Collegiate Church is Frankfurt’s largest church. It is often called “Frankfurt Cathedral”. It is therefore one of the essentials to see if you are going to visit Frankfurt during a weekend of 2, 3 or 4 days. Frankfurt’s Old Town was destroyed by six bombardments by Allied forces during World War II. The cathedral was also destroyed like the rest of the Old Town, then rebuilt in the 1950s.

9. Take a trip to Frankfurt’s covered market: Kleinmarkthalle

What to do in Frankfurt to discover a little piece of local life? Visit Frankfurt’s Kleinmarkthalle indoor market! Kleinmarkthalle is in the city center, so it is easily accessible on foot. Place Kleinmarkthalle on Google Maps: Hasengasse 5-7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main.

10. Visit Frankfurt Botanical Garden: Palmengarten

Among the unusual things to do in Frankfurt is visiting the Frankfurt Botanical Garden! It is a very pleasant place to discover as a couple or with family, or during a solo trip. Plant lovers, don’t miss it!

11. Explore Frankfurt’s Museum Shore

Museumsufer. If you are going to visit Frankfurt, and do not want to miss the city’s museums, go to the museum bank. Here are several interesting museums to discover.

visit museum in frankfurt

12. Discover the Frankfurt nightlife

Where to go out in Frankfurt? Among the best areas to go out in Frankfurt are the Brückenviertel and Bornheim districts. The Brückenviertel district is on the left bank of the Main, while Bornheim is on the right bank of the Main.

night life spots in frankfurt germany

13. Visit Goethe’s house in Frankfurt

If you know Goethe and appreciate his work, this tour is for you! In this residence of the Goethe family, you can see the former cabinet of the writer, and other living rooms of his family. Moreover, it was in this house that Goethe wrote Götz von Berlichingen and The Sorrows of Young Werther.

Visit Frankfurt by bus. Many tourist buses circulate in Frankfurt. Taking one of these buses allows you to visit the city more quickly as a whole, and without getting too tired. Find out more information about tourist bus fares here: hop-on hop-off bus.

13. Visit St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s St. Paul’s Church is another must-see landmark in Frankfurt. It is located in the historic center of the city. It is recognized by its brick-colored walls. Today, this former Lutheran church is no longer a place of worship.

visit church st paul frankfurt

14. Discover Frankfurt by bike or segway

Visiting Frankfurt also means visiting a bike-friendly city. There are a lot of cycle paths, and cycling trips are quite easy. So why not experience Frankfurt in this way, and ultimately feel even more like the locals?

Guided bike tour. If you are going to visit Frankfurt in 2 days, one of the most practical solutions to discover the maximum of the city is to take a guided bike tour. You will see the most places and must-sees of Frankfurt in the company of a guide (click here to find out more about this tour).

And on a segway? If you don’t want to pedal, you can also choose another means of transport: the segway! The segway ride is an activity to do during a trip to Frankfurt to visit the city comfortably and almost effortlessly. You can find out more here: click to see prices for a Frankfurt segway tour.

guided tour in frankfurt

15. Visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market

Germany is known for its wonderful Christmas markets. If you are going to visit Frankfurt during the end of the year celebrations, you will be able to take a trip to the pretty Frankfurt Christmas market! The atmosphere is great!

christmas market frankfurt germany

Even if Frankfurt does not have the image of a very touristy city, you will be able to discover lots of things that will surprise you. Among the best things to do in Frankfurt are plenty of walks and walks. It is a peaceful and pleasant city to discover in Germany during a weekend of 2, 3 or 4 days. A nice trip to Frankfurt awaits you!

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