Dachau from Munich: tickets, tips for visiting, guided tour

Dachau was the first major concentration camp built in Germany. It is therefore a place easily accessible from Munich, as it is located only 17 km northwest of Munich, and 30 km by car. Find out how to visit Dachau from Munich.

Good to know. Visiting the Dachau Concentration Camp is not permitted for children under the age of 14. The visit is also not recommended for sensitive people.

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1. How to get to Dachau from Munich?

If you want to visit Dachau from Munich, here are the different possible options. Overall, you have to add between 1 hour and 2 hours of round trip transport to visit Dachau from Munich.

Go to Dachau by car. The drive to Dachau from Munich is 35 minutes. So you can, for example, rent a car to get there, or take a taxi.

Go to Dachau by public transport. First, you have to take the S2 suburban train from Munich central station (20 minutes journey), then once at Dachau station take the 726 bus in the direction of Saubachsiedlung.

Guided tour from Munich. In order to visit Dachau from Munich, you can also opt for a guided tour that includes guide accompaniment and transport: see the prices for visiting Dachau from Munich. It’s a convenient way to get to Dachau, and benefit from the commentary of an expert guide on the camp’s history.

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2. Tips for visiting Dachau from Munich: tickets, rules, best time

If you decide to visit Dachau Concentration Camp on your own, here are some handy tips.

2.1 Entrance tickets and audio guide

Admission to the camp is free. However, if you are not visiting the place with a guide, it is best to prepare your visit in advance as much as possible, or to take an audio guide on site. Without commentary from a guide or an audioguide, or good preparation, the visit is almost without interest, because you do not understand what you are seeing.

2.2 How long does it take to visit Dachau?

Plan at least 3 hours for the visit of the Dachau camp. Then you also have to add the time needed to go to Dachau. Allow 1 hour round trip if you go to Dachau by car, and minimum 2 hours if you take public transport. In total, plan around 5 hours to visit Dachau from Munich.

2.3 When to visit Dachau?

The Dachau concentration camp is a rather visited place, and even more so on weekend days. If you can choose, and if you are going to visit Dachau without a guide, prefer a visit during the week and rather in the morning.

2.4 Rules

The respect. A respectful attitude is mandatory in this place out of respect for the victims. The conditions of detention were inhuman. There were also, as in other camps, medical experiments on the detainees.

3. What do we see on site?

Camp history. The visit of Dachau retraces the whole history of the concentration camps, but also of the extermination camps. This allows to see how the camps were set up until โ€œthe final solutionโ€.

Operations of the camp. You can also understand on the spot how the camp worked: how the prisoners arrived, where the camp management was, etc. Thus, it allows to see with our own eyes all these mechanisms that we know.

Areas to visit in Dachau. Among the main areas that you will be able to see if you are going to visit Dachau, there are the barracks, the SS training camp, the crematorium, or even the administrative parts.

4. Visit Dachau with Munich (guide and transport included)

Guided tours to visit Dachau from Munich last about 5 hours. They include the accompaniment of the guide, the entrances, as well as the transport. Sometimes it is possible to have a pick up at the hotel. But in general, there is a meeting point from which the departure takes place.

Here is an example of a guided tour from Munich: see prices and availability to visit Dachau from Munich.

The guided tour includes transport and therefore greatly facilitates all logistical aspects. Moreover, the accompaniment of the guide is very interesting, and almost essential to fully understand the place and not miss anything of the visit.

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5. Why visit Dachau?

To visit Dachau is to visit one of the largest concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

The Dachau concentration camp was first intended for political opponents, mainly communists, then more rad for Jews, Soviet prisoners of war, Gypsies and homosexuals.

The vast majority of Dachau inmates were assigned to forced labor, including for local businesses, including BMW.

Find all the information for a guided tour here: prices for visiting Dachau from Munich.

If you are going to visit Munich, a visit to the Dachau camp is one of the essential visits to do to better understand the history of the 20th century, and try to understand the mechanisms of the infernal and dehumanizing machine of a concentration camp.

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