20 best things to do and visit in Munich

What to do in Munich? Capital of Bavaria, Munich prepares you very beautiful places to visit and many interesting and unusual things to discover. In order not to miss anything, discover in this TOP 20 the great must-sees to see in Munich, but also the best things to do in Munich to enjoy your trip.

1. Discover Altstadt and its 3 most beautiful squares

Theatinerkirche. The Theatine Church, or Theatinerkirche, is the best known and certainly the most impressive religious building in Munich. You can’t miss this church, because it is located in the heart of Munich’s old town, on Marienplatz square.

Marienplatz. This square is in the heart of the old town of Munich. This is where you can start exploring Munich. Visiting Marienplatz is one of the must-do things to do in Munich.

Odeonsplatz and Karlsplatz. These two places are also worth remembering. You will certainly enjoy strolling through the triangle formed by these three squares (Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz and Karlsplatz). Lots of beautiful places to discover!

Where is the heart of downtown Munich? The Altstadt district corresponds to the medieval old town of Munich. It is an essential district to visit absolutely in Munich. Altstadt is therefore the district that you can take as a reference point in order to locate the city center of Munich (place on Google Maps).

marienplatz must see Munich trip

2. Admire a magnificent view of Munich from St. Peter’s Church in Munich

Peterskirche. St. Peter’s Church, or Peterskirche, is the oldest parish church in Munich. You will certainly appreciate the baroque high altar of the Saint-Pierre Church which is almost 300 years old!

Not to miss. Located 56 meters high, the viewing platform of the Peterskirche offers a magnificent view of the entire city of Munich. When the weather is nice, you can even see the Alps! Climbing to the platform of St. Peter’s Church is then naturally one of the best things to do in Munich.

panoramic view munich

3. Visit Munich Residence and Hofgarten Park

In the heart of Munich. The Residence of Munich is the castle of the dukes, princes and kings of Bavaria of the family of Wittelsbach. The Munich Residence is just a few minutes’ walk from Marienplatz Square.

Hofgarten. This is a very pretty baroque park in Munich. Hofgarten is part of the Munich Residence.

How to visit? Plan at least 1h30-2h to visit the Munich Residence. The interiors are rich and very interesting to discover. This tour is to be done in Munich, if you come here 3, 4 days or more.

residence tips for visiting munich

4. Take a trip to the Munich food market (Viktualienmarkt)

What to do in Munich? Go for a walk to the food market! Here you will find more than 100 stands where you will discover traditional Bavarian sausages, cheeses and regional specialties. Viktualienmarkt is right in the center of Munich, just a minute’s walk from Theatinerkirche and Marienplatz square.

Gourmet visit with a guide. Discover the regional delights of Munich’s Viktualienmarkt with an English-speaking guide! For example, here is a guided tour that lasts 2 hours and includes lunch.

viktualienmarkt to visit in munich

5. Taste Bavarian beers at Munich’s most famous brewery (Hofbräuhaus)

Hofbräuhaus (place on Google Maps). The Hofbräuhaus brewery is a typical Bavarian 2-storey building dating from the 16th century, which is located in the historic center of Munich. This Bavarian restaurant is a great place to have a nice evening! And if you are looking for a less touristy place, here is another good address to do in Munich: Andy’s Krablergarten.

Visit and tasting. If you want to meet other people and taste great Bavarian beers, take this guided tour of Munich’s beer hall and breweries: see prices for a guided tour with tasting.

beer tavern munich

6. Visit Munich’s famous Nymphenburg Palace

Summer residence. Nymphenburg Castle was the summer residence of the prince-electors, then kings of Bavaria from the house of Wittelsbach (sovereign family of western Germany). Entrance to the castle is chargeable, but the gardens are accessible free of charge. It’s a nice visit to do in Munich! Discover more information about the visit on the official website of the palace.

Good spot! If you come to visit Nymphenburg, know that a 15-minute walk from the castle is a very nice place: Hirschgarten. It is a place appreciated by the locals where you can stroll, but also eat. Discovering Hirschgarten is one thing to do in Munich to get off the beaten track.

how to visit munich 2 3 4 days

7. Take a walk in the Munich Botanical Garden: a very nice visit to do in Munich

Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg. Located north of the grounds of Nymphenburg Palace, this botanical garden is a wonderful must-visit place in Munich for plant and garden lovers. You will discover floral compositions of extraordinary diversity, and gardens associated with different regions of the world.

8. Discover Alte Pinakothek and the Maxvorstadt district

Maxvorstadt. The Maxvorstadt district is one of the must-see areas of Munich. If you go to Munich, visiting this district is one of the things to do to discover the city. Find more information in this article: Best areas to stay in Munich.

What to do in Maxvorstadt in Munich? Several museums are to be discovered in this cultural district of Munich. Alte Pinakothek (place on Google Maps) is the most visited art museum in Maxvorstadt. A very nice collection of paintings to discover!

9. Visit St. Michael’s Church in Munich

Renaissance. The Saint-Michel Church is the largest Renaissance church in the Alps. This is a nice Catholic religious building to visit in Munich.

Travel tip! During your trip to Munich, consider taking the Munich CityTourCard. This card includes public transport in the city, as well as reductions for visiting certain places. But already just for transport, it is rather practical: discover the prices and information on the Munich CityTourCard.

cathedral to visit in munich

10. Walk (or surf!) in Munich’s Englischer Garten

Green lung. Located northeast of Munich, Englischer Garten is a fun place to visit in Munich to experience local life.

Surfing? All year round on the static wave of the Eisbach river in the Englischer Garten park you can see people surfing…! The spot is located here: Eisbachwelle. It is an unusual and original visit to do during your trip to Munich!

englischer garten munich

11. Admire the beauty of the Baroque church Asamkirche

The incredible Baroque! Built between 1733 and 1746 in the baroque and rococo style, Asamkirche is a very interesting church to visit in Munich (more information on the website of the city of Munich). The interiors of the church are absolutely fantastic!

Tour segway tour! If you are going on a trip to Munich, a visit with a guide is a great way to discover the city. The segway tour makes it easy to visit Munich and see the must-see places in Munich with a guide. Find out more: see the prices for a vast segway.

12. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich

Exceptional place. Located 120 km from Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle is an extraordinary place. It is sometimes also called Disney Castle. If you are going to visit Munich in 4, 5 or more days, visiting Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the must-do things to do near Munich!

Excursion from Munich. One of the most interesting solutions is to take a guided visit to the castle including transport: see the prices of the visit to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich.

Discover more information in our blog article (how to get there…): Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle.

visit castle neuschwanstein from munich

13. Visit Dachau Concentration Camp

Why visit Dachau? Located less than 30 km northwest of Munich, the Dachau camp was the first concentration camp of the Third Reich. The Dachau Memorial is a place to visit to learn about the awful mechanisms that were put in place in a Nazi concentration camp.

How to visit? Free entry. However, the audioguide or the guided tour are highly recommended. You can go to Dachau by public transport, or by car. Find all the practical information in our our blog post: Visit Dachau from Munich.

Guided tour from Munich. Here is an example of a guided tour that includes the accompaniment of the guide, as well as return transport: see the prices for this guided tour. Check the language of the tour before booking.

visiting dachau from munich

14. Discover the unusual and original objects of the Deutsches Museum of Technology

Amazing! Deutsches Museum is one of the largest science and technology museums in the world (see the museum’s official website). Located on the island of Isar, it welcomes more than 1.5 million visitors each year.

deutsches museum munich

15. Visit the BMW Museum Munich

For BMW lovers! The BMW Museum welcomes half a million visitors each year. On site, you will find the different models of the dealership, and can see the technological advances and the evolution of the cars over the years.

museum bmw munich visit

16. Visit Munich Olympic Park

Perfect for strolling. If you spend several days in Munich and enjoy walking, the Olympic Park is very interesting to discover. Created for the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, this park is a pleasant and peaceful place for a walk.

olympic park to visit in munich

17. See a performance at the National Theater in Munich

Nationaltheater. The Munich National Theater is located in the historic center of Munich. The architecture of the theater is impressive, both inside and out. Attending a performance at the Munich National Theater is an interesting activity to do in Munich.

opera munich trip

18. Discover modern art in the Lenbachhaus Museum in Munich

Modern Art. Located in a Florentine-style house, the Lenbachhaus Museum is a beautiful museum to visit in Munich (see the museum’s official website). Here, the modern blends with the old. Visiting this museum is one of the TOP things to do in Munich.

19. Listen to a concert in Munich’s Schleissheim Palace

Unique! You can experience a unique moment listening to the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra in Schleissheim Palace. This is one thing to do in Munich to mark your trip! Find out more: see the prices for listening to a concert at Schleissheim Palace.

castle schleissheim munich must see

20. Relax at Munich’s popular Volksbad Muller baths

Unusual! Relaxing at the Müllersches Volksbad baths is one of the things to do in Munich in order to enjoy your trip. The large basin of these baths is impressive. The building was built in 1901 in a neo-baroque Art Nouveau style.

BONUS: Oktoberfest in Munich

Oktoberfest is a popular festival that takes place every year in Munich, Germany. Known throughout the world, this festival attracts many visitors every year.

Oktoberfest dates vary each year. In general, the party starts around the end of September. Find out more information on the City of Munich website.

What to do in Munich? This TOP 20 brings together the must-see places and interesting things to do during a trip to Munich, even if there are still plenty of other places to discover.

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