Berlin: best things to visit and do in 2, 3, 4 days

How to visit Berlin in 2, 3 or 4 days? Which itinerary to choose and which places not to miss? Berlin is a very interesting city to visit. It really has many facets, and not just that of its nightlife. You will discover below what are the best things to do in Berlin, the nice places where to stay and eat, and all the things you need to know for visiting Berlin. Let’s go!

  1. A little advice for visiting Berlin 🌟
  2. Best things to do in Berlin in 2 days 🤩
  3. What to do and see in Berlin in 3 days 😲
  4. Visiting Berlin in 4 days 😀
  5. Best areas and hotels where to stay in Berlin 🛌
  6. Nice places where to eat in Berlin 🍽
  7. Good places where to have a drink 🍹
  8. Other places to visit? ✨
best things to visit berlin germany

1. A little tip for visiting Berlin

Berlin is very big city. For example, for comparison, the area of Berlin is 891.8 km², it is 8 times the size of Paris. We cannot really say that there is only one center around which everything revolves. Berlin is made up of lots of completely different neighborhoods, which makes this city unique.

In order to make the most of your trip to Berlin, it is important to take this particularity into account. The trips and the route you choose will necessarily impact the whole trip. So remember to take into account the distances between the different places and your accommodation.

Based on the places below, you can prepare a small approximate roadmap, even if you will always be able to change it afterwards according to your desires. Even if you are going to visit Berlin in 2 days, also look at other itineraries to give you ideas.

2. Visiting Berlin in 2 days

If you want to visit Berlin in 2 days and see as much as possible, the importance of the itinerary is even stronger. Here is the list of what to do and to see in Berlin in 2 days, as well as our tips and tips for visiting them. You can also visit them in this order:

  • Alexanderplatz
  • Berliner Dom
  • Museum Island
  • Bebelplatz
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag
  • Tiergarten Park
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Gendarmenmarkt
  • Kreuzberg district

Tip! In order to save time or just to take a break and enjoy, you can take a tour by bus 100, 300 or M29. Their routes pass through the interesting places of Berlin. And these are double-decker buses!

2.1. Explore Alexanderplatz [free]

Alexanderplatz Square can be the starting point for your trip to Berlin. Whether you want to visit Berlin in 2, 3 or 4 days, Alexanderplatz square is one of the places to see in order to understand the history of Berlin. This place was located in East Berlin. The structure and architecture of the buildings are very different from what you can see in Western Europe.

Built in 1969 by East Germany, the Fernsehturm tower (see below) is an integral part of the square. She had to show the whole world the success of the communist model, but also its superiority to the capitalist model. Today, the tower has become one of the main symbols of Berlin. It is therefore an excellent place to start the visit of Berlin!


2.2. Visiting the Berliner Dom Cathedral

Less than 10 minutes walk from the square, in the heart of the historic center of Berlin, is the Berliner Dom Cathedral. It is a very pretty cathedral which also offers an unobstructed view of the city! From the cathedral, for example, you can see all the main places to visit in Berlin in 2 days. It is therefore perfect for visualizing the city and better orienting yourself later.

Tip for visiting Berliner Dom Cathedral. It is also possible to buy tickets for Berliner Dom in an automatic machine to the left of the main entrance. There are fewer people, but also lockers to deposit your belongings, which is rather practical for the visit. The lockers are free, but you must have a 1 euro coin which you can get back afterwards. Berliner Dom is closed on Sundays (find out more info on the Berliner Dom website).

Good to know! The ticket for the visit of the cathedral (climb on the dome included with its 267 steps) is 8 euros per person. Free for the 13 years old or less, half price for students. Do not throw away your tickets, if you want to visit the Museum of German History! Because thanks to the cathedral ticket, you will be entitled to a reduction of 1 euro.

what to do see in Berlin Germany trip

2.3. Take a walk on Museum Island in Berlin [free]

Museum Island is the island on which the cathedral is located. The buildings are very pretty. It is therefore very pleasant to take a short tour of the island and cross the Monbijou pedestrian bridge. Here are located 4 major museums and a gallery:

  • Bode-Museum
  • Altes-Museum
  • Alte Nationalgalerie
  • Vorderasiatisches Museum Berlin
  • James Simon Gallery

There is a ticket that allows you to enter most of these museums, sometimes with skip-the-line access.

Which museum to visit in Berlin? If you are not at all a museum, visiting these 4 museums is not at all mandatory. Especially if you only stay in Berlin 2 days. On the other hand, if you want to discover new things and visit Berlin in 3 days or more, we can recommend the Museum of German History (see below).

tips for visiting berlin germany europe

2.4. See the Sunken Library on Bebelplatz [free]

Today, the Bebelplazt is mainly linked to Nazi Germany. It was here that in May 1933 Nazi youth groups and members of the SA burned 20,000 “non-German” books, which in fact contradicted Nazi ideology or were written by Jewish authors.

On the ground in the square, if you pay attention, you can see a plaque through which you can see a library with empty shelves to recall this event of 1933. “Where books are burned, people end up being burned ”.

Bebelplatz what to see in berlin

2.5. See the Brandenburg Gate of Berlin [free]

The Brandenburg Gate is a 5-minute walk from the Reichstag. Built in 1791, the Brandenburg Gate has become one of the symbols of Berlin.

During Berlin’s separation into West Berlin and East Berlin, the Gate stood right on the border of these two worlds, and was abandoned for 3 decades (see below Berlin Wall).

must see trip berlin

2.6. Visiting the Reichstag [free]

If you come to visit Berlin in 2 days, climbing on the dome of the Reichstag is a great idea to start your visit to the city. It is a very pretty building built in 1894 which also offers a nicer view of the city. And it’s free (audio guide in French included)!

Private visit. If you wish to visit the Reichstag on a private visit, then you must reserve a date and time of visit in advance on the official website of the Bundestag. Once registered on the site, you will be sent an email with a location through which you will choose your visit slot. On site, there are two queues (for groups and for individual visits). Once at the top, you can take an audio guide in French. It is rather well done, and is triggered automatically at different places in the dome.

Little advice. Plan the visit to the Reichstag in advance to make sure you have an available time. For example, even in January, if you do it 3 days before, there are already few slots available. If you have already planned to visit the Berliner Dom cathedral, the view from the Reichstag will not be of much interest.

Reichstag berlin visiting tips

2.7. Stroll through Tiergarten [free]

We have just seen the three must-see places located right next to the Tiergarten park: the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial. It is the most popular park in Berlin, but also one of the largest. It is 200 hectares, 3km long and 1km wide.

Between the Reichstag and the Tiergarten park, you will come across a monument quite impressive in its size: the monument to the Soviet soldiers who died in the Battle of Berlin in 1945 (nearly 20,000 people).

visit 2 3 4 days berlin Tiergarten

2.8. See the Holocaust Memorial [free]

The Holocaust Memorial, also called Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, was completed in 2004. The purpose of the stelae, which have different heights ranging from 0 to 4.7, is to create “an atmosphere of unease and confusion representing a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason”. From the outside you cannot see the size of the middle stelae. And it is only by crossing the Memorial that one realizes their real size with a feeling of engulfment which amplifies as you go forward… If you are going to visit Berlin in 2 days, it is therefore a place a must see to remember the horror of the Nazis.

holocaust memorial

2.9. Visit Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt Square [Free]

It is a pretty square in the historic center of Berlin. There is a magnificent concert hall built in the 19th century – Konzerthaus Berlin, but also two cathedrals: Französischer Dom and Deutscher Dom.

Walking tour. You can also let yourself be guided and discover Berlin on foot in a small group and in the company of an English-speaking guide. During the visit, you can discover the various emblematic places of Berlin for less than 15 euros per person: guided walking tour in English.

visiting berslin unusual things to see

2.10. Discover the Kreuzberg district in Berlin

In order to get off the beaten track a bit, you can take a walk in the Kreuzberg district. You can read more about Berlin’s neighborhoods in our blog post: Best neighborhoods in Berlin. On the other hand, you should know that in winter, it is less lively than in summer. The place that we can advise you at the end of the day or in the evening is, for example, the Klunkerkranich (closed in January and February). It is located in the Turkish quarter of Berlin. This is a very good address: a rooftop with a superb view of the city! You can see further down in the article other places to eat or have a drink in Berlin.

3. Visiting Berlin in 3 days

If you are going to visit Berlin in 3 days, you will be able to discover many new places that will allow you to better understand the city and the life of its inhabitants. In my opinion, 3 days is the ideal length to visit Berlin on a first trip.

3.1. See the Berlin Wall [free]

Or rather what’s left of it. There are several places in Berlin where you can still see the wall or its traces. However, if you visit Berlin in 3 days, I recommend going directly to the largest part, but also the best known, which is the East Side Gallery. This is where you can see the famous kiss, “The brotherly kiss”, between Brezhnev and Honecker. On the other hand, the wall is not impressive in itself, the visit is quite short (30 minutes is enough), and it is rather very touristy.

wall berlin germany what to see

3.2. Visit the Museum of German History

The Museum of German History is located a stone’s throw from the Berliner Dom Cathedral and the Museum Island. If you are going to visit Berlin in 3 days or more, this is a very interesting museum to see, as it traces the whole history of the country from the 500s until reunification. Plan at least 2 hours for this visit, and do not hesitate to skip the eras that interest you the least, otherwise you will spend the day there.

Timetables, tickets, discounts. Open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (even on Sundays: perfect if you come to spend a weekend in Berlin). Free for those under 18, 4 euros for students, otherwise 8 euros. Find out further info on the museum official website.

3.3. Climbing Berlin’s Fernsehturm, or how to visit Berlin from 203 meters!

If you want to visit Berlin in 3 days, the Fernsehturm tower offers a 360 degree view of Berlin from a height of over 200 meters! It is also the tallest structure in Berlin. It is always impressive and we are rarely disappointed.

Tickets. In winter or in low tourist season in general, we recommend you to buy tickets at the automatic terminals on site. Indeed, it will be cheaper than on the site: 17.5 instead of 22.5 for a skip-the-line. In general, there is little waiting. You can then buy skip-the-line tickets here: Fernsehturm Skip-the-Line Tickets.

tower berlin best thinsg to do

Not great in the evening? There is a bar and a restaurant at the very top of the tower: a nice romantic outing? On the other hand, in general, the view from this type of tower is not great at night, because there is reflection on the windows. Ideally, it’s good to come 30-40 minutes before sunset.

Tip! If you find the price to climb the tower excessive, you can also climb to the top floor of the Park Inn hotel not far from the tower and Alexanderplatz. It’s lower than the tower, but also quite nice.

3.4. Visiting the GDR Museum in Berlin

The GDR Museum traces almost every aspect of life in East Germany. It is really very interesting to see how the Germans lived on the other side of the wall. Work, childhood, propaganda, but also social benefits and everyday life. Lots of objects, and even objects you could touch! If you are going to visit Berlin in 3 days, we recommend without hesitation!

USSR. It really feels like an apartment in East Germany. And it is impressive (but at the same time it is not necessarily surprising) how much the objects of everyday life resembled those of the Soviets.

Good to know! We visited the museum at the end of the day: there were not many people. In order to save time, it is possible to buy skip-the-line tickets here: tickets for the GDR Museum. It’s free for children under 6 years old. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

3.5. Discovering the quays of the Spree [free] and a more unusual Berlin

In order to get off the beaten track and see another side of Berlin, we can advise you to take a tour of the banks of the Spree. A very nice place is near Berlin Ostbahnhof. It is necessary to go there especially at the end of the day or in the evening. On the other hand, you should know that in winter it is less interesting, because they are open spaces for the most part. We have listed our best places to eat in Berlin below.

Unique Berlin. To discover Berlin differently, the best is to be guided by a local guide in the most unusual places of the city. For example, here is a guided tour of a more unusual Berlin: guided tour to discover the alternative side of Berlin.

spree river berlin view

4. Visiting Berlin in 4 days: best things to do and see

Here are the interesting places if you are going to visit Berlin in 4 days, but also the best things to do and see in Berlin for a 4-day trip.

4.1. Go to Checkpoint Charlie [free]

It is a very touristic place. For example, there are souvenirs here such as uniforms, Soviet hats, etc. Here was the crossing point between East Berlin and the American sector of West Berlin. Above the checkpoint, we can see the photo of an American soldier and on the other side the photo of a Soviet soldier. After 1945, Berlin was occupied by 4 victorious countries of the Second World War. West Berlin was occupied by the British, Americans and French, while East Berlin was occupied by the Soviets.

charlie point what to do and visit in berlin

4.2. Discover Berlin differently: unusual things to do in Berlin

We found a super interesting visit to do in Berlin that allows us to get off the beaten track and see the city from a new angle. Unfortunately, the tour is in English. But if you are English-speaking, frankly it’s great! The tour lasts 2.5 hours and takes place in the Kreuzberg district. If you are going to visit Berlin in 4 days, this visit is a great discovery. And another one guided tour that could be interesting: Street art in Berlin.

unusual things to do in Berlin 2 3 4 days tips

4.3. Visiting a flea market in Berlin [free]

The biggest and best known is the flea market at Mauerpark. However, it is only open on Sundays. The atmosphere is relaxed. You can eat on site in one of the market stalls. In addition, the park is located in a typical district of East Berlin.

4.4. Visiting Berlin by boat

The summer months are especially pleasant. Even if the boats circulate on the Spree also in winter. If you are going to visit Berlin in 4 days, it is a great opportunity to see the city differently. By boat, you pass next to the Island of Museums, but also near other less touristy quays. If you are interested in this activity, here are the tickets for an hour boat ride on the Spree (with seats).

tips for visiting berlin germany europe

4.5. Take a trip to the Markthalle Neun market [free]

For anyone who enjoys visiting the markets while traveling, this is perfect. Markthalle Neun is a covered market, open every day except Sunday. It’s always interesting to see more closely the life of the locals, but also to compare prices… hehe 🙂 If you are going to visit Berlin in 4 days, it’s a good idea to visit to discover a glimpse of the life of Berliners.

Good to know! it is also possible to have lunch directly on site.

5. Best areas and hotels where to stay in Berlin

What are the best areas to stay in Berlin? The Mitte area is perfect for a first trip to Berlin. But other areas are also interesting. In the post Where to stay in Berlin, you will find the map of the best areas where to stay for visiting Berlin.

During our first stay, we had chosen our hotel to sleep in Berlin very close to Alexanderplatz: TSH Berlin Alexanderplatz. A very good hotel, brand new, very well located.

6. Nice places where to eat while visiting Berlin

Here are the addresses that we particularly appreciated in Berlin. If you know of other nice places where to eat in Berlin or have a drink when visiting Berlin, put them in commets.

Best kebab in Berlin. This is the Mustafas Gemüsekebap! Berliner kebabs are very good and do not look at all like what you usually find in France. Here, it is a mixture where there are as many vegetables as meat, or even more. At Mustafas Gemüsekebap, you will discover a level level of kebab! They now have two addresses: Mehringdamm 32 (Kreuzberg district) and Warschauer Str 27A (Friedrichshain district). If you are going to visit Berlin in 2, 3, 4 days or even a day, this is an address not to be missed!

Currywurst. This is the specialty of Berlin! You can find currywursts all over the city. We can recommend the food truck Currywurst Imbissbude. It is located under a bridge, very close to Museum Island, which is therefore practical for a lunch break during visits.

Brunch. The Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain districts are perfect for having brunch or sitting in a small café. You will therefore find plenty of nice addresses in the Krossener, Wühlischstraße or Gabriel-Max-Straße. We can recommend the restaurant-café 1990 Vegan living.

Good Burger. In the heart of the Turkish quarter, Berlinburger International is a good place to enjoy a good homemade burger. It is clearly one of our best places to eat in Berlin.

best areas where to stay in berlin trip

7. Nice places to have a drink in Berlin

Have a drink on the quays of the Spree. There are several very cool places. For example Holzmarkt Pampa. They also do pizza. On the other hand, as I said above, it is much more pleasant when it is warm enough. We recommend going there in the late afternoon or evening.

Klunkerkranich rooftop bar. It is one of the most beautiful rooftops in Berlin! It is located in the Kreuzberg district. A perfect place to watch the sunset. Please note: closed January and February. Check the timetables on the Klunkerkranich website.

Beer garden. Berlin is known for its biergartens: they are literally gardens where you drink beer. If you want to discover the concept, head to Prater Garten. It is really great! Wooden tables, beer, good atmosphere. However, only open from April to September.

8. What else to visit, do and see for visiting Berlin?

There are plenty of other places you can visit in Berlin. Here are a few more ideas:

  • See the Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park
  • Visit to the Berliner unterwelten bunker
  • Discovery of the New Synagogue of Berlin
  • Walk in the Märchenbrunnen Park
  • Topography of Terror Tour
  • Stroll along the Maybachufer canal
  • Visit to the former spy station Teufelsberg
  • … But also the Pfaueninsel castle (outside of Berlin)!
berlin city by night where to eat

We hope this blog post has helped you sort out and prepare for your trip to discover Berlin! We are happy to share with you our little tips, good plans, but also the nice addresses that we have been able to discover in Berlin.

Whether you want to visit Berlin in 2, 3 or 4 days, we are sure you will find this city quite special and unusual for a European city. We wish you a great trip!

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