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Climate and weather are the key factors in choosing when is best time to go to Dubai. The Ramadan periods and the budget are also important elements to take into account. If you want to go to the United Arab Emirates, before departure, it is important to see all these aspects for a successful trip without unpleasant surprises. Discover here all our advice to choose the best time to visit Dubai, and how to avoid the worst time to visit Dubai.

  1. Going to Dubai in summer: worst time? 🥵
  2. Dubai in winter: the best time of the year? 👍
  3. October, November, April: the best alternative? 🤩
  4. Ramadan in Dubai 🕌
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Going to Dubai in summer: worst time to visit Dubai?

Very hot. The summer months are the months when the temperatures are the highest and exceed 40 degrees. The air conditioning will of course save you from the heat, but it is not really possible to stay outside for long.

Very humid. In addition to temperatures, humidity can be close to 95%. For all these reasons, summer is not considered a good time to go to Dubai. However, it also has its advantages.

Shamal. This hot wind arrives in Dubai and only stays for a few days. However, it causes sandstorms, which is not ideal for visiting Dubai.

Lower rates. If you are not afraid of the scorching heat, and above all, if you want to enjoy Dubai with lower prices, summer can be a good plan, especially for everything related to accommodation.

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Dubai in winter: best time to go to Dubai?

From December to March, average temperatures drop to 25 degrees during the day and 14 degrees at night. It is therefore the time of the year when it is the coolest in Dubai.

Best time to visit Dubai. December is often considered the best month to go to Dubai, especially to celebrate New Year’s Day. However, prices can rise sharply during this time of year.

In conclusion. If you fear the heat, going to Dubai in winter is the best time for your trip. On the other hand, it is also the time of the year when the most numerous travelers come to Dubai. The prices are therefore among the highest of the year. It is therefore best to book accommodation in advance to have more choice and better prices. Check out our blog on the best areas in Dubai: Where to stay in Dubai.

Dubai in October, November, April: a successful trip?

The summer months are often shunned by travelers, while the winter months are the busiest months in Dubai. It’s kind of two extremes. But why not try an in-between?

Not so hot. When you look at the temperatures in Dubai over the whole year, you can see that the months of October, November and April are not the hottest. The temperatures during this time of the year are not among the most overwhelming as they are in the summer.

Accommodation prices. Another interesting point: accommodation prices are lower than in winter. So if you are looking for a compromise in the winter months or the summer months in Dubai, October, November or even early April can be good times when going to Dubai.

TOP 20 to do in Dubai. In order to make your choice, look at what you can do in Dubai in our post: What to do in Dubai? This will help you evolve whether or not you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, and how important the temperatures are to your trip to Dubai.

Ramadan: best or worst time to go to Dubai?

The dates of Ramadan change every year. During this period, the streets of Dubai are quite empty, and it is only at nightfall that the city wakes up. Some restaurants may also be closed.

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In summary, when is the best time to go to Dubai? The best month of the year to go to Dubai is December. However, just like the other winter months (December, January, March), this is the most expensive month, if you take accommodation prices into account. Moreover, it is one of the months when there are the most travelers in Dubai. The advantage of summer is of course the prices. However, the heat can really be overwhelming. The months of October or November, as well as the beginning of April can be considered for a stay in Dubai. These months are the goof time to travel to Dubai. The temperatures are not yet too high, and neither are the prices.

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