Where to stay in Berlin | Best neighborhoods & hotels in Berlin

Berlin is a huge city. To choose the neighborhood and the accommodation to stay in Berlin, do not underestimate the distances. Each district has its atmosphere and its particular interest. Some are perfect for visiting Berlin, others more for going out. Discover the map of the best neighborhoods to stay in Berlin with family or for a couple.

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where to stay in berlin with family

1. Best neighborhoods in Berlin

5 neighborhoods. The map below shows the best areas to stay in Berlin to visit. Each of these neighborhoods is different. We will see this later in the description of each district. For example, not all of these neighborhoods are suitable for a family stay in Berlin.

best neighborhoods where to stay in Berlin

1.1. Mitte: historic center

Historic heart. In the neighborhood of Mitte, we find the main places to visit in Berlin, and in particular the island of museums. It is a must visit place in Berlin. The Mitte district was an integral part of East Berlin.

Visit Berlin by foot. Here, the majority of places to visit are within walking distance. The north bank of the river Spree is more lively than the south bank. Mitte is clearly one of the best areas to sleep in Berlin.

Stay in Berlin near Alexanderplatz: TSH Berlin Alexanderplatz. A very good hotel to stay in Berlin to visit: brand new, young and relaxed atmosphere, very well located with very good value for money. However, it is not an ideal hotel to sleep in Berlin with the family. Later in the post, we gather all the nice places for a stay in Berlin with the family.

Stay in an apartment in Mitte: Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hackescher Markt. It is a very good place to sleep in Berlin as a couple or as a family. On site, you will find studios, but also more spacious apartments for 3 or 4 people.

1.2. Prenzlauer Berg: cool area where to stay in Berlin

Another face of Berlin. Located not far from Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg is a pleasant area to visit in Berlin. There are lots of nice cafes and restaurants here. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant.

Best choice? In the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, you can find accommodation with lower prices than in the Mitte district. The Prenzlauer Berg district is therefore one of the best areas to sleep in Berlin: proximity to Mitte, atmosphere, prices.

Like real Berliners. Among the best places to stay in Berlin to visit, there is: limehome Berlin Prenzlauer Allee. The rooms and apartments are spacious and bright. It feels like home there.

best budget hotel in berlin

1.3. Friedrichshain: alternative neighborhood in Berlin

Urban art and alternative atmosphere. In the Friedrichshain neighborhood of Berlin, you can discover several spaces for free creation and street art. The most important is RAW-Gelände, but there is also Holzmarkt in another style. There are also many bars and small cafes that do brunch on Sunday mornings.

Why sleep in this area of ​​Berlin? Hotel prices in Friedrichshain are lower than in Mitte. If you like to go out at night but not too much, this is definitely one of the best places in Berlin to sleep for you. A word of advice: prefer the area around Boxhagener Platz instead.

Not far from Alexanderplatz: MEININGER Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz. Very well located, this hotel offers double rooms, but also rooms for 4 with bunk beds. A good place to stay in Berlin to visit the city with a group of friends!

1.4. Kreuzberg: best area to go out

Less touristy. The Kreuzberg district is one of the best areas where to stay in Berlin. Few travelers come to visit this area. Here one can find many bars and night clubs.

A little bit of history. It is an old district of West Berlin. It is here that the mainly Turkish workforce arrived to help rebuild the city. Historically, it is therefore a Turkish district. The Kebab was invented here!

Where to stay in Berlin for a weekend with friends: Ladenwohnung in Kreuzberg. This pairing is a perfect place to stay for partying in Berlin with friends.

buildings germany

1.5. And Charlottenburg?

Still in the former West Berlin. This part of West Berlin is much more chic than Kreuzberg. The Charlottenburg district was even the former city center of West Berlin. Here you find the department store “Kaufen des Westen”, and the large shopping street Kurfürstendamm. Compared to the districts of the former East Berlin, one feels much more Western influence here. The architecture, the style of the streets, the layout resemble other Western European cities, unlike Alexanderplatz, for example.

Nice place to stay in the Charlottenburg neighborhood of Berlin: Henri Hotel Berlin Kurfürstendamm. This hotel is located in an elegant little street in Charlottenburg in an Art Nouveau building dating from 1880. A charming address for visiting Berlin as a couple.

2. Where to stay in Berlin with family?

Discover our selection of accommodations where to sleep in Berlin with your family.

Hotel Nikolai Residence: right in the heart of downtown Berlin, this hotel is ideal for exploring the city on foot. If you have spent a few days in Berlin with your family, this address is very well located to discover the city. For example, Alexanderplatz and Museum Island are just a 10-minute walk away. A very good value for the center of Berlin.

numa I Nook Rooms & Apartments: still in the heart of Mitte, this address is ideal for visiting Berlin with the family. The family suite is spacious (60m2) for a pleasant family stay without stepping on each other.

BENSIMON apartments Prenzlauer Berg: located in the Prenzlauer Berg district, this address is perfect for a family stay in Berlin. Here, we have a choice of several apartments of different sizes that can accommodate up to 4 people.

mitte area germany

3. Nice hotels where to stay in Berlin for couples

Discover our selection of hotels where to sleep in Berlin as a couple.

Classik Hotel Alexander Plaza: a very nice address for a romantic stay in Berlin! A 5-minute walk from Alexanderplatz square, this hotel is very well located for visiting Berlin. The rooms are modern, spacious and welcoming. The little extra: the sauna.

Monbijou Hotel: located in Mitter, not far from Museum Island, this hotel offers elegant and comfortable rooms. This is a nice hotel where to sleep in Berlin as a couple.

limehome Berlin Prenzlauer Allee: very nice, welcoming and warm apartments! This is an excellent place to sleep in Berlin as a couple to feel like real Berliners. The location is top: in the Prenzlauer Berg of Berlin.

trip berlin couple

4. Budget hostels & hotels in Berlin

Discover our selection of cheap accommodation or budget hotel in Berlin.

Motel One Berlin-Hackescher Markt: great value for money. A stone’s throw from Alexanderplatz, this hotel offers a perfect location for visiting Berlin as a couple. This is a very good place to sleep in Berlin cheaply, without breaking the bank.

MEININGER Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz: located in the Prenzlauer Berg district, but not far from Alexanderplatz, this hotel is a good option for visiting Berlin with friends. There are rooms for 4 people, but also for 6.

Pfefferbett Hostel: This hostel offers extremely good rates. If you are going to visit Berlin alone or alone, or with friends, this is a very good place to stay.

best neighborhoods in berlin accommodation

In summary: in which neighborhood or area to stay in Berlin?

If you are going to visit Berlin in just 2 days, the best area to stay in is Mitte. From here you can easily visit Berlin on foot.

For a less touristy feel to Berlin, the neighborhoods of Preuzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain are the most interesting. However, Preuzlauer Berg is the district that represents the best alternative to Mitte. If you are going to Berlin for 3, 4 or 5 days, this area is the best area to stay in Berlin to get off the beaten track and feel more in local life.

On the other hand, if you go to Berlin to party, one of the neighborhoods that you might like the most is. the district of Kreuzberg.

Good to know. Public transport in Berlin is relatively expensive. Sometimes choosing a neighborhood and accommodation to stay in Berlin that is too far from the city center is not necessarily a winning bet. Also, a more central hotel can save time. For example, if you only stay 2 days in Berlin, public transport can be a big waste of time.

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