Where to stay in Malaga | Best hotels and apartments

Where to stay in Malaga? Which accommodation to choose to visit Malaga? In this blog post, you will find our selection of the best hotels and apartments to stay in Malaga with your partner, family or friends. Let’s go!

  1. Hotels for a romantic stay 💚
  2. Family accommodation in Malaga 🌟
  3. Apartments 🛌
  4. Best areas in Malaga ✨

1. Hotels for a romantic stay in Malaga

Two nice places to stay in Malaga for a couple:

In the heart of the historic center of Malaga, the Molina Lario hotel offers spacious and pleasant double rooms, with access to the outdoor swimming pool on the roof of the hotel with a view of the Cathedral of Malaga.

The ICON Malabar hotel is an excellent place to stay in Malaga as a couple. Spacious rooms with a refined decoration, and a superb location in the historic center: perfect for visiting Malaga!

best areas to visit in malaga

2. Family accommodation to stay in Malaga

Two nice places to stay in Malaga with family:

Located in a pedestrian street in the heart of Malaga, the Malaga Premium Hotel offers family rooms for 4, 5 or 6 people. Soundproofed and air-conditioned rooms, pleasant and modern: a good place to stay in Malaga.

If you want to visit Malaga with your family, the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga hotel, located a stone’s throw from Malaga Cathedral, can be a very good solution. Breakfast is served in a traditional Andalusian courtyard.

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3. Apartments

If you are going to visit Malaga and want to rent an apartment, here are some good addresses.

La Casa de la Merced Suites offers studios, but also two-room apartments in the city center of Malaga. The location is excellent for visiting Malaga on foot.

The Soho Boutique Museo offers functional and well-decorated lofts and two-room apartments in the center of Malaga. Some apartments have a private balcony from which you can enjoy a nice view of the city!

4. Best areas to stay in Malaga

Malaga can be divided into several districts. Here is our TOP areas where to stay in Malaga:

  1. Hyper historic center: we can take the Constitution Square as a point of reference. It is from this quarter that you can easily visit Malaga and its main places to discover.
  2. Soho: artistic district of Malaga, rather lively in the evening
  3. Merced: lively district with lots of restaurants, cafes and bars, but also street shows and Flamenco shows
  4. Malagueta: seaside neighborhood near the beaches of Malaga

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