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Where to stay in Milan Italy? Find out which are the best places, neighborhoods and areas to stay in Milan for couples or with family. You will certainly fall in love with Milan, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, but the choice of accommodation will be important to make a really great trip.

  1. In which area stay in Milan? ๐Ÿ“
  2. Best places for a romantic trip to Milan โค๏ธ
  3. Nice hotels where to stay with family ๐ŸŒŸ
  4. Must-sees in Milan ๐Ÿคฉ
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1. In which area to stay in Milan?

Here is the list and description in a few words of the best areas to stay in Milan.

1.1 Duomo: sleep in the historic district of Milan

Center. It is in this area that the most famous monument of Milan is located: the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin (see the tickets to visit the Milan Cathedral). When you are going to choose where to stay in Milan, you can take as a point of reference the square where the cathedral is located, which is called Piazza del Duomo. It is therefore the central point of Milan from which you can orient yourself in the city.

Rates. It is obviously in this part of Milan that accommodation prices are the highest. If you are going to visit Milan in 2 or 3 days, the Duomo district is the best area to stay in Milan, in the same way as Brera (see below), or Porta Veniza, but with lower prices (see below ).

Hotel Gran Duca Di York: The location of the hotel is ideal: just 100 meters from the Duomo of Milan. Couldn’t be more central!

Galleria Vik Milano: located directly in the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery, in this hotel you will be in the heart of Milan! The charms are elegant and refined.

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1.2 Porta Veniza: a nice place to stay in Milan

This area is very close to the historic center of Milan and offers accommodation at lower prices than the Duomo district. Therefore, Porta Veniza is a very nice place and one of the best areas where to stay in Milan outside the historic center of the city. Fares in the Porta Veniza district are lower.

Magville: a hotel with excellent value for money about ten minutes walk from the Duomo! The rooms are comfortable and nicely decorated. It is a very nice alternative to the Duomo district!

Montenapoleone Suites: a 10-minute walk from Milan Cathedral, this hotel is perfect for sleeping in Milan near the historic center at fairly reasonable rates. The hotel offers suites for two, but also for three or four people. It is therefore a very good place to stay in Milan as a couple or as a family.

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1.3 Navigli: get off the beaten track

In which neighborhood to sleep in Milan to enjoy its nightlife and get off the beaten track? Navigli, of course! This district is located around the Naviglio Pavese canal. It is very interesting to visit during the day, because the area is really very nice, but also at nightfall. Here you will find cool places to go out and enjoy the evening in Milan.

Maison Borella: located on the banks of the Naviglio Grande canal, this hotel offers rooms in a building dating from the 18th century. This is an excellent place to sleep in Milan for a romantic getaway!

Art Hotel Navigli: another good address in the picturesque district of Navigli! The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The historic center of Milan can be reached by metro.

Alzaia Naviglio Grande: studios, but also larger apartments near the canal, with a pleasant garden and the perfect atmosphere for an excellent stay in Milan.

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1.4 Brera: stay in a chic area of Milan

Brera is a district close to the historic center of Milan, and therefore to Piazza del Duomo. It is a chic and trendy district. Here, the prices are therefore quite high, but it is here that we feel the most why Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Hotel Milano Scala: a few minutes walk from La Scala opera house, this hotel is a good place to visit Milan in 2 or 3 days and enjoy its must-sees on foot.

Camperio House Suites & Apartments: located not far from the business district and the commercial area, this hotel offers rooms in the classic style that fit perfectly into the atmosphere of Milan.

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2. Best places to stay in Milan for couples

Here is our selection of the best accommodations to stay in Milan for couples and make the most of your trip.

Maison Borella: an ideal address for a romantic stay in Milan! A stone’s throw from the canal, in an 18th century buildingโ€ฆ you will fall under the spell of this hotel, but also discover Milan in all its splendour.

Magville: located about ten minutes from Milan Cathedral, this hotel is a perfect place to stay in Milan as a couple at affordable rates.

3. Nice places where to stay in Milan with family

Here is our selection of the best places to stay in Milan with family.

Imperiale Suites Milano: comfortable apartments with one, two or three bedrooms just a ten-minute walk from the historic center of Milan. It is an ideal solution for visiting Milan with family.

La Boheme apartment: a 38m2 apartment for 3 people with a balcony right next to the Milan canal!

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4. What to do in Milan?

How to visit Milan in 2 or 3 days? Here are the must-sees to discover:

  1. Visiting the Cathedral of Milan โ€“ Duomo (prices for the tickets to visit the roofs of the cathedral)
  2. Strolling through the historic center of Milan
  3. Visiting the Victor-Emmanuel II Gallery
  4. Discovering The Last Supper in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie
  5. Strolling along the Naviglio Pavese canal
  6. Seeing Milan’s Sforza Castle

Among the best neighborhoods and areas to stay in Milan, there are of course neighborhoods such as Duomo (historic district of Milan), Brera, Porta Veniza or Navigli. Choose the neighborhood that best matches what you are looking for in Milan. If it is the heart of the historic center, then the Duomo area will be perfect. If it’s the scenic side, then Navigli will appeal to you more. And if it’s the chic side of Milan that attracts you, then Brera will be the perfect area to sleep in Milan for you.

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