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What are the best places where to stay in Milos to enjoy your trip? In which city to stay in Milos? Milos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, if not the most beautiful for its magnificent landscapes. Discover in this blog article which are the best hotels and places to stay in Milos for a couple, with family or friends.

  1. In which city to stay in Milos? 📍
  2. Where to stay in Milos by the sea? 🌊
  3. Best hotels in Milos for couples 💙
  4. Holiday homes in Milos with family or friends 🌟
  5. What to do in Milos? ✨
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1. In which city to stay in Milos?

Milos has only about 5,000 inhabitants. The accommodation offer is not as developed compared to other more touristic islands of the Cyclades. For example, compared to accommodation in Mykonos (Best places to stay in Mykonos), or in Santorini (Where to stay in Santorini). Here are the 4 main towns, or rather villages, where you can stay during a trip to Milos. Each location has its pros and cons.

1.1. Adamas: the port of Milos

If you are going to visit Milos by ferry, you will arrive at the port of Adamas. Here you can easily find restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy seafood, but also local cuisine. This is a good place to stay in Mykonos, if you only stay one night on the island or if you arrive on the island late.

For a trip for two, the Capetan Giorgantas hotel will be perfect for a night in Milos, or even more.

For a family trip, this pretty holiday home will be perfect: Casa Aiora.

visit milos 2 3 4 days

1.2 Plaka: a noce village in the heights of the island of Milos

In the pretty village of Plaka is the Archaeological Museum of the island where you can see the various stones and statues that bear witness to the ancient past of Milos. Place is inland, but from the heights of Plaka there is a beautiful panorama of the whole island of Milos and the sea. So many travelers come here in the evening for a magnificent sunset. Among the good addresses in Plaka, there is EN PLO: from its terrace, you can admire a panorama of the island.

A 5-minute walk from the center of Plaka, you can rent apartments for two, but also 3 or 4 people, as well as an entire maisonette for 5 people at Vivere A Plakes. This is a good place to sleep in Milos in the village of Plaka.

1.3 Pollonia: a seaside resort where to stay in Milos

Pollonia is a fishing village, but also a seaside resort. On site, you can find a few hotels, but also many hotel rooms or apartments for rent.

Pollonia Studios: located in the city center of Pollonia, this is a good place to stay in Milos, if you want to stay on the island for several days.

1.4 Klima: a nice fishing village to visit

This fishing village is part of our TOP 7 must-see places to visit in Milos. There are very few accommodations on site, and prices are higher than elsewhere on the island. However, it is a real experience. In fact, you can sleep here in a fisherman’s house, directly on the beach, almost with your feet in the water.

Photos and reviews of the traditional fisherman’s house: Traditional sirma in klima. It is, ultimately, one of the most unusual places to stay in Milos!

2. Where to stay in Milos by the sea?

As you have seen, accommodation is not as plentiful as on other Cycladic islands. However, we managed to find some good places to sleep in Milos by the water, and in particular almost on the beach.

Hotels. Among the good hotels where to sleep in Milos close to the beach, there is: Artemis Deluxe Room. On site, you will find an outdoor swimming pool, and even a private beach! The hotel is located 10km from Adamas.

Almost alone in the world. With a higher budget, you can stay in this house with only two apartments, and therefore almost alone in the world: Terra Mare Suites. The house is located by the sea, in a quiet corner of the island of Milos. This is an exceptional accommodation to mark your trip to Milos!

3. Best places for couples

What are the best places to sleep in Milos as a couple?

€ Vivere A Plakes
€€ Artemis Deluxe Room
€€€ Terra Mare Suites

4. Holiday houses to rent in Milos with family or friends

What are the best places to stay in Milos with family or friends?

€ Vivere A Plakes
€€ Casa Aiora
€€€ Terra Mare Suites

5. What to do in Milos?

In the TOP 7 of the essentials to see and visit in Milos:

  1. See the incredible landscape of Sarakiniko
  2. Visit Plaka and see a beautiful sunset from its heights
  3. Discover the ancient history of Milos (Venus de Milo… 😉)
  4. Take a cruise to admire the magnificent Kleftiko cliffs (For example: day cruise with lunch included)
  5. Visit fishing villages, including Klima
  6. Discover the best beaches in Milos (see the list in our blog post: Best places to visit in Milos)
  7. Unusual Milos: discover the ruins of the old sulfur factory and the pretty beach of Thiorichio

The best places to stay in Milos are Adamas, Plaka, Pollania or Klima. Most of the accommodations to stay in Milos Island are located near Adamas, towards the port of arrival, and Plaka, inland.

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